Monday, August 10, 2015

Transition Chop Complete! I Am Finally Fully Relaxer Free!!!

Yes you read that right! After almost 2 years of  transitioning, yesterday (8/9/15) I decided to cut what was left  of my relaxed ends off. It wasn't much at all. I cut about as much off as I showed in my last post.
I was basically holding on to much of nothing. lol What made me decide to cut you ask. I was sitting in Wing Stop yesterday afternoon and I started reading "Secrets of A Long Term Transitioner". While reading it, the urge to big chop came over me and I said to myself that I was going to do it. A few hours later, I pulled out my water bottle and some conditioner and went to town. I didn't feel much of anything when it was said and done. There wasn't really much of a change in my hair. I have pretty much been dealing with my natural hair for quite some time now. After I cut went on with my regular wash day routine:

1. Shampooed with SM JBCO Strengthen, Grow and Restore shampoo
2. I used the JBCO rinse out conditioner and let it sit for a few minutes
3. I deep conditioned w/ my Hydratherma Naturals protein treatment.
3. Twisted my hair and air dried for a little bit.

Now the actual cutting process was sort of difficult because I was trying my hardest to not cut more than was necessary. The only section I didn't really touch was the bangs. My bangs have no discernible curl pattern. It's not curly, kinky, coily or straight. It's just there. That made it hard to cut.

Here are a few pics. I might have a few scraggly pieces that I need to get rid of. But for now this is what I am working with.

Bonus: I have been struggling with my styling my hair yet again. Or should I say with bunning my hair. Today was a particularly muggy and hot day. To top it off, I got rained on. My hair was a frizzy mess by lunch time. Especially the front. I was trying to find a better way to style my buns. The first thing that came to mind was flat twists. I can't flat twist worth a damn but I really want to learn how to do them.

Here is a picture of my first attempt at doing flat twists in the front of my hair and a bun in the back.


I must say that turned out pretty good. After a few try's, it turned out acceptable. I love how the color is popping a bit in these photos.

What I did was, I sectioned the front of my hair off, sprayed it with water until it was slightly damp and applied Soultanicles Can't Believe It's Knot Cocoa as my moisturizer and styler. This buttercreme is very rich and moistur+izing. The ingredients are yummy. Check them out below. Next, I sprayed the side that wasn't twisted with water and applied my Creme of Nature w/ Argan Oil Perfect Edges to smooth down my edges and also my hair line. The pics are the end result. This will be my go to style. Hopefully it holds up til morning.

The #WashDayExperience

Monday, August 3, 2015

Snip Snip Snip

I didn't big chop. Just a little snip off a couple of twists I put in after washing my hair yesterday. Those stringy ends taunted me and I went ahead cut. lol I didn't panic or have anxiety afterwards. I was slightly perturbed because after I cut the ends from one twists, I thought I caught to much. That twist was looking a tad bit short. lol