Monday, August 15, 2016

Product Haul

Well Hello Everyone! I am back with a haul. For some strange reason with my hair being away in twists, I have been on a product buying spree. Here are the items that I have purchased.

Pictured above are some goodies that I am revisiting. I was in love with the Chocolate Bliss and Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream Deep Conditioner. Both of these deep conditioners smell heavenly. I can't wait to use them again, The Naturelle Grow Coconut Water Cleansing Conditioner is an awesome cleansing conditioner.

Next up is the Lush Deep Conditioner from Miche. Miche is the new product line from one of my fav You Tubers, Michelle B from Everything Mich. I've heard good things and I can't wait to try it out.

The Sarenzo Beauty Peppermint and Tea Tree Clay Wash was purchased because of the rave review and awesome results from Ashkinscurls. I hope my results are at least in the ballpark of her's. I will be using this in a few weeks when I happily take these twists down.

I have seen a few good reviews about the Keraveda Caramel Souffle and Creme Brulee. I will be finding ways to incorporate this into my regimen.

I cannot wait to start trying these products out. Wash day can't get here quick enough. At the moment I can't wait to wash my hair. Styling is another beast in itself. My next post will be after I remove the Senegalese Twists. I'll let you know how the take down process went and whether or not I have any damage from them. 

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fancy Naturals African Exfoliating Net

I finally have a non-hair related post. lol I was perusing You Tube about a month ago. NaturalNeiicey posted a video about her body care routine. That girl has some beautiful skin. Once of the things that caught my eye in the video was the African Exfoliating Net. She was saying that it was one of the things that helped her get rid of the back acne she had and to achieve glowing skin. I am all for bright skin.

I hopped on over to Fancy Naturals which is a shop on Etsy that specializes West African Inspired Handmade Hair and Skin products. I attempted to order it when I was at work. I couldn't remember what my Paypal password was. I went home and tried to order it and the sucka was sold out. lol I had to wait an entire month and when it was finally back in stock, I did not waste anytime putting in my order.
The net comes in two sizes, Regular (38in long/16in wide) and Long (60in long/16 in wide). She recommends the Long for adults. I ended up ordering the long for about $12.

I couldn't wait to get my net and use it. Fast forward to last Friday the 15th it was delivered but I was on a plane headed to Dallas when it came. So I had to wait the weekend out to use it. Ohhhh but when I did two days later, I was highly impressed. My skin felt very soft, clean, and so smooth. I have tried many body scrubs and I really want to like them but I just couldn't get into them. They are messy and it's too time consuming to apply it to the entire body. I have steered clear from them despite how good they smell.

I purchased this mainly because of the exfoliating capability. I will be mainly using the net but I will still use a wash cloth for other things.  A benefit of the net is that it holds less bacteria than wash clothes. Besides it removing dead skin it also enhances circulation. The long net makes it so easy to clean your entire back. Let me say that again. YOU CAN REACH AND CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE BACK! I can't be the only one who struggles with that. lol Once you are done ring it out, hang it up and let it air dry.

The burning question I know you have and I had as well when researching the net is "How do you clean it?" Do you hand wash it? Do you machine wash it? The answer is neither. Every four months disinfect the African Exfoliating Net by soaking it in boiling hot water. That's it. I love this thing!

Got any questions, drop them below.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Time for More Twists

I, yet again, find myself in a rut with my hair. I find myself in this rut quite often actually. Even though I haven't relaxed in 3 years and will be natural for a year next month, my hair hasn't reached it's full potential. I've been frustrated about my hair. I can't wait to go ahead and cut the rest of the color out. The color is only on the top half of my head. That section already has a looser texture than the rest of my hair but the color made it looser. I don't regret getting the color but I am over the straighter ends in the front.

So know it's time to give myself and my hair a bit of a break for the next few months. I will keep this set in until after my Vegas trip next month. I will give my hair a break for a little over a month then get another set of twists put in in October for a couple of upcoming trips.

Here is what my routine will be while I have the twists.
{1} I will wash my twists every 2 to 3 weeks. I will mainly cowash.
{2} I will alternate between oiling my scalp with the Mane Choice Growth Oil and spraying it with the Follicle Mist from Hydratherma Naturals.

That's it. Sweet, simple and to the point. lol

Friday, June 3, 2016

Wash Day Chronicles

Heeeellllooo Everybody! It's been way too long. I just haven't felt like blogging because I don't have much to blog about. lol Thanks to my sister in hair, Age in Atl, for shooting me a quick "just checking on you message. It was very much appreciated.

I am back to posting a bit more frequently now. Let's get into this wash day.

Before you roll your eyes, yes, I am still using my Mane Choice products. I still them but my inner product junkie kicked in. I really wanted to try the Blueberry Bliss products. I am enjoying using them.

1. I cowashed using the Easy on the Curls 3-in-1 Conditioner. I loooove how this conditioner softens my hair while cleansing it at the same time.

2. Next, I deep conditioned using the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask. This is my first time using it. I'll come back with a review of it after a few more uses.

3. Leave-ins and stylers are next. I used the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner to my entire head. Then went on to section my hair followed by applying the Blueberry Bliss Twist and Shout Cream. I have been trying out braiding my hair for more stretch. It's been doing the job. These products leave my hair very moisturized. The Twist and Shout Cream gives great definition. The smell of the Blueberry Bliss line is awesome. I love the sweet blueberry scent. I don't have the gel for the line but I have smelled it in Target before. It smells like an a alcoholic drink and is a bit stronger than the other products. The smell lingers on the hair but it doesn't bother it. I like it. I left my hair to try overnight. I put my hair in my go-to bun style even though my hair was style a bit damp.

Have you tried the Blueberry Bliss line? How do you feel about it?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Update on Operation Grow My Hair Back

Today I took a much needed day off. During my day off I got my hair straightened. The last time I got my hair straightened was in December. I want to have my hair straightened about every 2 to 3 months. As you know back in October I cut my hair. I have been on a mission to grow my hair back ever since. With the help of the twists I got in January I made it to three months heat free.

Here is my hair from December...                Here is my hair as of 3/14/16

I got a little bit of growth. Looking at it, I wish it was more but I think that I am being greedy. I also got a much needed trim. She cut about a half an inch.

Next update will be in June.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My New Obsession

I think after my last few posts that you know what my new obsession is. This Mane Choice line is great. You can tell that they really put in work these products. I have not been failed by these products and I hope that I won't. My stash has grown. It will get bigger as soon as they have another sale. lol I will be adding the moisturizer that they will be releasing at some point to my stash.

Here is what it consists of...
(1.) 1 shampoo
(2.) 2 conditioners
(3.) 4 Leave-In conditioners
(4.) 3 Edge Controls
(5.) 1 Gel
(6.) 1 Growth Oil
(7.) 1 Deep Conditioner
(8.) 4 or 5 months worth of vitamins

I am thinking of doing a Mane Choice challenge at least through the end of the summer. I want to try my hand at using one product line consistently. Being the product junkie that I am, I never use products on a long term basis. I don't have a long attention span when it comes to products. I just love trying out new things. I have already cleared out my little storage bin on my dresser of all other products. I will switch up the deep conditioner every now and then though.
I also want to see if I get any additional growth with them. I'm not setting my sights high with that point. It will be cool to see of they deliver on that selling point. I just love what this line has been doing for my hair. I haven't felt this way about a product line since I was using Shi-Naturals a few years ago.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wash Day Chronicles

This week's wash day was a pretty good wash day for me. I really wanted to do a bentonite clay treatment on my hair but I had to make a store run and get some more. You ladies sure do buy up all the bentonite clay from the Vitamin Shoppe. lol I decided to be that person and bought up the last two jars from the store that I shop at. lol Let's get into this was day recap.

1. I made my treatment by mixing the clay with some apple cider vinegar and argan oil in a glass bowl. With my hair in four sections, I sprayed my hair with water and applied the mask to my hair.

Here are a couple of pictures of my hair with the clay in it. I let the clay sit in my hair for a few hours and then rinsed it out in the shower.

2. I shampooed with Mane Choice's Detangling shampoo to help get the clay out of my hair and scalp. I used the Scalp Invigorator for a nice scalp massage but also to help remove the rest clay.

3. Next up was the detangling conditioner. This conditioner is very moisturizing and it defines my curls. When I rinse the conditioner out my stays moisturized.

4. I just ordered the Mane Choice deep conditioner, Until I get it, I deep conditioned and sat under the steamer with Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner.


5. Next, I applied the 3-in-1 Leave In and detangled my hair. I usually twist my hair and let it air try but I wanted to try another way to stretch my hair. I banded my hair. I find myself going back to this method every now and then. These are the results from them. I love how the leave-in gives my hair some shine. I rarely have any type of shine in my hair.

6. I used the above products to put my hair in my usual bun.

How was your wash day?

Disclaimer: Please excuse if my pictures are all over the place. I don't know how to fix that once the post is published.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mane Choice Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner

Name: Mane Choice Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner

Price: 13.99 on the Mane Choice website

Description: Soft As Can Be name says it all. A 3-in-1 conditioner formulated to revitalize and refresh the hair instantly. An advanced conditioner that can be used as a Co-Wash, Leave In, and Detangler. Adds shine, softness and manageability. Stops breakage during the detangling process. Leaves the hair softer and more elastic.
The nutrient contents of this conditioner makes the hair less dry and less prone to breakage by allowing the hair to hold in more moisture for longer periods of time. When used a Co-Wash this unique formula gently rinses away impurities and product build up. Infused with Biotin and Tea Tree to promote growth and retention. No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Formaldehydes
●Gentle enough for daily use
●Promotes growth and retention.
● Softly rinses hair from impurities and product buildup.
●Leaves hair feeling revitalized and refreshed.
●Instantly hydrates and moisturizes.
●Helps to remove knots & tangles
●Minimize damage and breakage.
Pros for me: This product is AWESOME. Absolutely awesome. It moisturizes and softens my hair like nobody's business. I get a serious case of hand in hair syndrome when this leave-in is in my hair, It has a medium and creamy consistency that smoothes onto the hair with ease. This makes detangling so easy. I have only used 2 out of the 3 ways, leave-in and detangler, and as such I love it. I want to use it as a cowash but I will wait until I have gotten a few more bottles in my stash. I cannot figure out what the leave-in smells like but it has a very pretty yet subtle scent. It doesn't linger for long. The leave-in is tied for my favorite with the edge control from their line.
Cons for me: It's only 8 oz. I need more product! I am heavy handed with the products and with this being multipurpose it needs to be bigger. If I used it as a cowash as well I would be going through it way too quickly. With their products not being readily available I would be ordering it more frequently.
Verdict: The 3-in-1 leave-in will be a permanent part of my regimen. I will be stocking up when they have another sale.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bun Saving Duo

My name is Candace and I'm a serial bunner. My buns are the reason that I get frustrated with my hair. I always end up straightening it or in last months case, get twists. I know I mentioned in a few posts how my buns just never pan out. It's frizzy and super puffy at the top. I would wear head bands to try and camouflage the frizzy puffy mess. I have found my bun saving products and they are pictured to the left.

These products make me happy. They have solved all my bun styling woos.

This is my hair last night after I spritzed my hair with water to reactivate my moisturizer then applied the styling the top and sides of the hair and the edge control on my edges. I put on my wrap and scarf for a couple of hours. I took it off just to get this picture. My hair was so smooth. No frizz and no puffiness. I put the scarf and wrap back on for the night and went to bed.

This is my hair as of 4 pm today. My hair and edges are still laid. This is after working with 2 and 3 year olds then going to a workshop. Eco Styler Gel, the Jireh edge control, ORS Edge Control, Creme of Nature Edge Control and the As I Am Styling Gel have not given me the results that I have been getting with this combo. The As I Am Styling Gel is the only gel that has gotten close to getting the results pictured.

Both products do not have the same consistency as their counterparts. Check out Jen's post on to the consistency of the gel, if you haven't already. She has a video clip that will do better justice to the gel than any picture that I can post.

The Laid Back Effortlessly Edge Control by Mane Choice has one of the smoothest consistencies I have ever seen in an edge control. The smooth consistency makes the application process soooo easy. Usually the consistency of edge controls are very stiff and waxy. When I apply them to my hair line you can see exactly where I put it because there is a streak of product. No matter how much I try to brush it in or distribute the product as evenly as possible, the streak stays there and it doesn't give me the hold that I am looking for. That is issue is non-existent with Mane Choice's edge control.

I would highly recommend these products. You can purchase them though

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wash Day Chronicles + A Peek at the Twists

Sometime during the last half of 2015, I was seriously contemplating getting twists put in. I wasn't too sure if I was ready to get them. In December, I finally got in contact with Donedo, Chicago You Tuber, and got the ball rolling on setting an appointment. On January 16th, I got my first set of twists put in. Let's start with prepping on wash day.

When I set the appointment, she told me to come with cleaned, moisturized and stretched hair. The night before the appointment, I started out with clarifying with Uncle Funky's Daughter Squeaky Shampoo. Followed that up with UFD's Rich and Funky Moisturizing Shampoo. After the hair was clean, I conditioned with their Richee Rich conditioner. I left that on while I finished showering. Next up was deep conditioning. I used a protein deep conditioner to give my hair a boost of strength. I used Hydratherma Naturals' protein deep conditioner and I sat under the steamer for about 20-25 minutes. After all the washing was complete, I moved on to moisturizing and stretching my hair. My moisturizer/leave-in of choice was Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk, After moisturizing, I blow dried my hair in small sections to ensure that my hair was properly stretched. Now, I bought a new blow dryer about 3 years ago from Sally Beauty Supply. I rarely, if ever, used the comb attachment. I never like the long teeth on there. After seeing, My Natural Sistas' video using this blow dryer, I knew I had to use it for this wash day.

I purchased the Conair Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer on Amazon. The comb attachment sold me. It made blow drying my hair way easier, I love it.

The next day was appointment day. I had a noon appointment. I left the house an hour and half early. Why, you ask. She lives in a totally different side of the city. It can take up to 40 minutes to get there. Parking on the Northside of Chicago can be a bitch. lol I also had to go buy the hair. I couldn't find it out my way. It turns out that the beauty supply store that was buy her apartment didn't sale the hair that she wanted me to get anymore. I ended up buying 7 packs of Janet Collection Afro Kinky Hair in 1B. When there was only one section left before she would be done I had to go back out and buy a few packs of hair. This time I had to buy them in the color 1 because I had bought out the 1B. In total it took 9 packs of hair to complete my big head. lol Now how long do you think it took for her to complete my entire head.

Come on...take a wild guess. 7? Maybe 8 hours? Well you would have guessed wrong. I was in and out within 3 and half hours. You read that right. I was prepared for the long haul but was pleasantly surprised to walk out of there at 3:30. lol

My goal is to keep them in for 6-8 weeks. I love them. She didn't put them in super tight but they are heavy as hell. I have been oiling my scalp with the Mane Choices Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Oil to help keep itchy/dry scalp away.

I need your help. For those that have had twists before, how did you clean your scalp? I have no clue what to do. Please leave any helpful suggestion below.