Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wash Day Chronicles + A Peek at the Twists

Sometime during the last half of 2015, I was seriously contemplating getting twists put in. I wasn't too sure if I was ready to get them. In December, I finally got in contact with Donedo, Chicago You Tuber, and got the ball rolling on setting an appointment. On January 16th, I got my first set of twists put in. Let's start with prepping on wash day.

When I set the appointment, she told me to come with cleaned, moisturized and stretched hair. The night before the appointment, I started out with clarifying with Uncle Funky's Daughter Squeaky Shampoo. Followed that up with UFD's Rich and Funky Moisturizing Shampoo. After the hair was clean, I conditioned with their Richee Rich conditioner. I left that on while I finished showering. Next up was deep conditioning. I used a protein deep conditioner to give my hair a boost of strength. I used Hydratherma Naturals' protein deep conditioner and I sat under the steamer for about 20-25 minutes. After all the washing was complete, I moved on to moisturizing and stretching my hair. My moisturizer/leave-in of choice was Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk, After moisturizing, I blow dried my hair in small sections to ensure that my hair was properly stretched. Now, I bought a new blow dryer about 3 years ago from Sally Beauty Supply. I rarely, if ever, used the comb attachment. I never like the long teeth on there. After seeing, My Natural Sistas' video using this blow dryer, I knew I had to use it for this wash day.

I purchased the Conair Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer on Amazon. The comb attachment sold me. It made blow drying my hair way easier, I love it.

The next day was appointment day. I had a noon appointment. I left the house an hour and half early. Why, you ask. She lives in a totally different side of the city. It can take up to 40 minutes to get there. Parking on the Northside of Chicago can be a bitch. lol I also had to go buy the hair. I couldn't find it out my way. It turns out that the beauty supply store that was buy her apartment didn't sale the hair that she wanted me to get anymore. I ended up buying 7 packs of Janet Collection Afro Kinky Hair in 1B. When there was only one section left before she would be done I had to go back out and buy a few packs of hair. This time I had to buy them in the color 1 because I had bought out the 1B. In total it took 9 packs of hair to complete my big head. lol Now how long do you think it took for her to complete my entire head.

Come on...take a wild guess. 7? Maybe 8 hours? Well you would have guessed wrong. I was in and out within 3 and half hours. You read that right. I was prepared for the long haul but was pleasantly surprised to walk out of there at 3:30. lol

My goal is to keep them in for 6-8 weeks. I love them. She didn't put them in super tight but they are heavy as hell. I have been oiling my scalp with the Mane Choices Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Oil to help keep itchy/dry scalp away.

I need your help. For those that have had twists before, how did you clean your scalp? I have no clue what to do. Please leave any helpful suggestion below.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Products for Operation: Grow My Hair Back

One of my main goal is to grow my hair to Full BSL next year. I want my hair to cover the entire bra strap by the end of the year.  I already have a post showing the things that I will be using to achieve my goal of growing my hair back after my cut but I am adding a few new ones to the list. We all know that our hair is continuously growing and that no product is going to grow your hair for you. But if there is something that can help aide in speeding the process up, I'm willing to give it a shot.

I am a fan of The Mane Choice. I have been taking there vitamins for awhile now and I also enjoy their Doesn't Get Much Butter Than This product as well. If you are an avid Instagram user like myself, then you know that right before Christmas that they released a few new products and tools. Me being the product junkie that I am decided to give them a shot.

I ordered;

1. Easy on the Curls Detangling Hydration Shampoo
2. Easy on the Curls Detangling Hydration Conditioner
3. Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize Co-wash/Leave-in/Detangler

All three stimulates growth, are loaded with vitamins and claims to cut your wash day in half. Anything that can help shorten a wash day is welcomed with open arms to my regimen. lol

Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel

Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Growth Oil is a topical multi-vitamin for the scalp.

I will hopefully be using these products on my next wash day which should be sometime this weekend. I can't wait to give them a try.

2016 Hair Goals

So I conquered my 2 goals for this year. I used up stash sort of. I mostly gave them away mostly and some were trashed. I also did my big chop this year. So now it's time to make a few new goals for the new year.

1. Take more pictures. I am very bad at keeping pictures of my hair. Mainly because I have no one to take them for me. Also because when I do they never come out right. Now that I have a new phone with a much better camera, I will trying to get better pictures.

2. I want to finally get my hair to full BSL this year. I am going to continue Operation: Grow My Hair Back to achieve this goal. I have new products I will add to this. I'll have another post on that.

3. Perfect my flat twist out. I want to come on here with a post about my perfect twist out. lol

4. Thicken up my edges.

5. Do a better job with my blog especially with doing follow up posts.

Short and sweet. What are you hair goals for the new year? Maybe I'll see some that I need to add to my list.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Hair in Review

Here are a few of my highlights from this year

1. Tried Henna once. Liked it but haven't done another treatment this year.
2. Had my hair highlighted and also touched up. The color is no longer burgundy. I can't quite pick the color that it is now.
3. Tried lots and lots and lots of new products. Fell in love with some and others were just infatuation. lol
4. Got rid of the majority of my product stash. Not by using them up but by either giving them away and also throwing some out.
5. Found some staple products but I will always continue to try out new products.
6. Completed my transition to natural. Yay
7. Finally trying out flat twist outs and having the nerve to wear them out even if I don't find them to be "perfect".
8. I trimmed my hair. A LOT this year.
9. Then I cut my hair. Not trim but cut. lol

Let's get back to this cut and the condition my hair is in now.

(top) The first picture is from the beginning of my journey. I was still relaxing but stretching them out as long as could. The only thing that is the same about my hair from 2012 to today is the length. After cutting my hair in October, I am back to shoulder length. But now my hair is thicker and fuller.

(left) These pictures are comparing my hair from January of this year to today. Such a length difference. I chose the health of my hair over holding onto length. No need to hold on to hair that is breaking off. I do miss the length but I will have fun growing my hair back but also growing it longer. I will say that I am loving the fullness and how much thicker my hair is after this cut. It always amazes me what a cut can do.

Next length check will probably be in April. I plan on getting some twists in January and keeping them until sometime in April. Between taking my vitamins, applying Wild Growth Oil a few days a week and massaging my scalp I hope to see some decent growth.

How was you journey this year?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles

Despite my ongoing battle with my hair believe it or not I actually enjoy washing my hair.  Even on days that washing it isn't going the greatest. Today's wash day was one of the great ones. I just hope my twist out reflects that. lol

1. Instead of co-washing or shampooing my hair I reached for my Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (purchased from Vitamin Shoppe). I put 3 spoonfuls of clay into bowl and mixed it with distilled water. I ended up with a chunky consistency. That wasn't what I was going for but it didn't make a difference. I applied it to my hair in sections to make sire that every strand was covered with the masque. I let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once it was rinsed, my hair felt very clean and soft. My coily hair was very defined. No shampoo or co-wash defined my hair like this clay did.

2. Next I applied Naturelle Grow Mango and Coconut Water to my super soft hair. lol Sat under the dryer for 20 minutes then rinsed the conditioner out with cool water. I forgot how much I enjoyed this conditioner.

3. On damp hair, I applied Creme of Nature's 100% Argan Oil to seal in some moisture. I proceeded to use my leave-in of choice for the day, Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle my hair. I used a little of my Mane Choice Doesn't Get Much Butter Than This Hair Butter to flat twist my hair. My hair will air dry over night in hopes that I will have a nicely defined twist out by then. They have been hit or miss lately. One day it's nice and fluffy the next it's a frizzy mess.

This is what the clay mixture looked like. I made way too much. I think that 2 scoops will be fine next time. I'm gonna use it again at the end of December. After that I will do a full review of the masque. I use it as a facial masque as well.

How have your wash days been going?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Averting Another Hair Crisis

I have been over manipulating my hair lately. Twist outs, braid outs and the like are low manipulation styles. I average re-twisting my hair almost daily for the last two weeks while trying to get these twist outs together. Doing that is no where near being low manipulation. My goal for the week is to pull my hair back in a loose ponytail to (1.) stretch my hair and (2.) to preserve my twist out for the week. My hair isn't long enough to pineapple. I will wash and redo the twist on Friday and start the process all over. I am doing what I can to not cause any damage. If I continue to re-twist at that frequency I will undoubtedly cause damage again. 

How do you preserve you curly styles? Any tips?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking A Break From Bunning...Finally

I love my buns. That's all that I do with my hair. With my hair being shorter now and the shrinkage being out of control, it makes putting my hair in a bun a difficult. I have been trying my hand at flat twists and regular two-strand twists. They have been the bane of my existence. lol Enough of the dramatics. But they have been difficult to master. I believe I have figured out what my obstacle has been. Doing twists on wet hair doesn't work for me. The back of my hair was always super frizzy and undefined. I am 3 months heat free and want to keep it that way for a bit. I will make an exception for using the tension method. Doing that has changed my life. lol This is the first time that I have been confident enough to wear a curly style and not put it directly into a bun.


Earlier this week, I dampened my hair and then used the tension method to stretch it and did two strand twists. My hair turned out pretty good. I wanted a bit more definition. So I used the following products to reset my hair and give flat twists a try (pictured above). The twist are by no means perfect but they are a work in progress.

I spritzed my hair with a bit of distilled water and then applied Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk to make my hair pliable enough to flat twist. I did a total of five flat twists.

This is a picture of what my hair looked like earlier today. (I know it's not the best picture) I've worn my hair in this style majority of the week and have gotten compliments from a couple of the parents at my job and also a few coworkers. I look in the mirror and I can honestly say that I liked my hair. Styling has been a major challenge for me during this journey. I swear that at least once a day I have the urge to relax again just so I can have an easy styling day. Just so I can wear my hair straight and go on with my day. If I can perfect this style. I think that I will be ok. After my hair was blown out, I loved the fullness of my hair. I can't wait until I straighten my hair so I can see how my hair looks like with this shorter cut.

I'm happy that I have found a way to cure my hair styling woes. I should have done this a long time ago. Would have saved me some headaches.