Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Transitioning Hair Tag FAQs

I just watched EbonyCPrincess' video of this tag earlier and I decided to do it because I wanted to do something a little different on my channel. Let's get started!

When did you start your transition?

I didn't start off wanting to transition. I just wanted to beat my previous stretch of 30 weeks. In fact, it took me a very long time to even start calling it a transition. I just wanted to see how long I could go without getting a relaxer.

Why are you transitioning?

This was a relaxer stretch that turned into a transition.

Do you plan on big chopping?

Nope. I will be doing a transition chop hopefully no sooner than 24 months post. I always felt like I used the term big chop a bit too loosely. Big chopping to me is when you cut your hair after a few months and a transition chop is when you cut the relaxed ends off a length transition. I know I'm being technical but that's how I feel.

What products do you use in your transition?
I have been using some of everything during this time. I love trying out new products!

How often do you wash your hair?

I wash once a week. I will probably go back to adding midweek co-washes to my routine,

What advice do you have for transitioners?

1. Big chop when are ready and not because you are being pressured by other.
2. Keep your hair moisturized.
3. Keep your regimen as simple as possible.
4. When you start to get frustrated...take...a...break. You can cause an unwanted setback dealing with your hair when are frustrated.

That's it. If want to do this tag on your blog, please do. I would love to read it.


I finally bought a pair of hair shears. I'm trying my best to hold out until August but that itch is getting stronger.

I bought these expensive ass products to try out my first style after I cut: the wash and go! I've had my eye on that Curl Maker for months now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles and a Little Intro to the SSS Plates

Sunday was suppose to be my wash day but that didn't happen. I did manage to wash it on Monday. Luckily, my SSS Plates arrived by then and I was able to test them out. So here is how my wash day went.

{1} I parted my hair into four sections. Then I proceeded to spray my hair with water using my spray bottle. My cowash of choice was the Cream of Nature Pure~Licious Cowash. I detangled with the cowash in my hair and let it sit for a little while before rinsing. When I rinsed it out my hair felt pretty clean.

{2} I bought the rinse out conditioner for the Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewal line and so far I am pleased. I loved how it felt when I was applying it to my hair. My hair felt so silky.

{3} Let's move on to deep conditioning. I used my new fav, the hair masque for the 10 in 1 line and let it sit on my hair for about 2 and a half hours with 2 plastic caps.

{4} When I was done deep conditioning, I applied the JBCO Leave-In and some Argan Oil to seal then proceeded to twist my hair. I woke up to moisturized hair.

I think I can say that the 10 in 1 Renewal products really give my color a bit of a boost.

Since my SSS plates arrived just in time for wash day, I went ahead and give them a try. I used mostly the purple plates at the roots and two of the long black plates. I used the black plates on twists that I felt would unravel. Now with my washing my hair later in the evening I had to sleep in the plates. Which you can guess is not comfortable. Those black plates were removed in the middle of the night. Just judging off this one use, this product can be worked into my regimen. Mainly, the purple plates. I want my roots stretched more. Now that I am just shy of 2 years post and have majority natural hair, the twists give me the stretch that I want length wise but when those roots dry it's a different story. The purple plates seem to give me what I am looking for with my roots.

Look out for a separate intro post about the plates soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles: 21 Months Post

It feels like it's been awhile since I've done a wash day post. Like to hear it...Here it go. (that's from In Living Color for all you youngins'. lol)

I went back to Huetiful last Friday to have my color touched up the for long weekend. She didn't use bleach again. My color is a bit more vibrant then when it was first applied back in January. I decided to wash my hair after just 5 days because my hair reverted way to quick. It became too difficult to wrap and even ponytails weren't working. Those were signs that it was time to wash.

{1} I decided to just do a mid-week co-wash/deep condition because my hair needed a boost of moisture. Since my hair didn't have a lot of product in it I didn't feel the need to shampoo. So my DC of choice was the 10-in-1 Renewal Hair Masque. My hair soaked the conditioner up instantly. I love when that happens. I rinsed my hair under the shower long enough for my hair to start reverting. Then I applied the conditioner in sections, twisted it up and put on 2 plastic caps because I was too lazy to steam. The masque has a whipped consistency to it. Unfortunately, I can't smell much of anything due to sinuses but I would guess that it smells like it body product counterparts. They have a fresh perfumey smell but not strong at all. This product left me with a good first impression.

{2} It rinsed out very easily. After rinsing, I applied the JBCO Leave-in to soaking wet hair then sealed with an old favorite, Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. I twisted my hair. I took my time and did more twists than I normally would in hopes that putting my hair in bun tomorrow won't be much of hassle.

This wash day was just as uneventful and straight to the point as any other. I will update this post tomorrow on how my hair dried.

Update (5/28/25): I am a fan of the Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In Conditioner and Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. Today my hair very moisturize and not greasy feeling at all. It's also pretty fluffy. Doing the twists in smaller sections is a better choice for me.

How was your wash day?

A New Hair Affair

When I was brand new to the hair journey world, around 2011, some of the first products I used was from Shea Moisture. The kicker was I was wearing sew-ins and buying products that couldn't fully use and see the benefits of because my hair was tucked away. Grant it I did have some leave-out at the front but that can't give you the full story. I bought EVERY item from the Raw Shea Butter line and Yucca and Baobab line. I eventually gave them away because I wasn't using them. (a sad product junkie thing to do lol)

Fast forward to now, I have found myself slowly falling back in love with Shea Moisture. To me, it seems like their products have gotten better over the last few years. They have so many different lines to choose from but the ones that have caught my eye are the three pictured to the <=====. For the JBCO line I have the shampoo, deep treatment masque and the leave-in. All of which I have been using the most lately. I have the shampoo and deep conditioner from the manuka honey line. Love the conditioner but not feeling the shampoo. I have to give it another try. I just purchased the 10-In-1 Renewal System Hair Masque this week. I used it for tonight's wash day. I'll talk about that in the next post. But I will say that my hair so far has reacted positively to Shea Moisture's newer lines. Hopefully, it will continue that way.

Let's chat! I know that Shea Moisture products can be hit or miss with some people. Which category do you fall into?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Operation: Shrink the Stash Update

Now this is an old pic but I'm using it for the effect. Lol Anyway, so my stash has gotten a bit smaller recently. Mainly, because I gave away some products to some ladies that are apart of a Facebook hair care group. I am so happy to have gotten rid them. Some products were thrown out because of how long I had been keeping them and also because some of them I was hoarding with just a little bit of product left in their containers. Although I am happy with the progress there is still more to be made.

Have you been spring cleaning your products? How is it coming?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Very Close to Big Chopping! and other Updates

I think that I am close to going ahead and cutting my hair sooner than my two year mark. The back half of my hair is basically natural. I have been having fun playing around with it. The only thing that is holding me back from taking the plunge is how very short the front section is. I don't feel like I'm ready to embrace the shortness and the shrinkage. I'm going to do my best to stop holding myself back and just do it.

I have been thinking about how I would stretch my hair once I was completely natural. I could continue with twists but I decided to try my hand at something else; the SSS Plates. I have seen these things plastered all over Instagram. I'm trying them out in hopes that I can get the most stretch for my hair. You will definitely be seeing a review for this set.

A quick update:
I touched up my color this past Friday. No bleach but it is more noticeable. I like it more than the last application. Once I am completely natural I will be using the bleach and going brighter. I just got really excited. Lol

Although I am totally in love with the progress and health of my hair but I am not feeling how what's left of my relaxed ends makes my hair look when my hair is straight.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles: 20 Months Post

I have truly been slacking on posting on my blog because the post are mostly on my wash days. I am hoping that in some way someone might find them helpful. Hopefully, I can come up with some ideas for different posts soon. Anywho, let's talk about this wash day.

I have been trying to hold out on getting my hair done until the end of the month. But the itch was too strong and a week ago Saturday, I got it done.
{1} To cleanse my hair I was going to use SM JBCO Shampoo but since my hair didn't have a lot of product in it, clarifying wasn't necessary. I use CON's new Pure-Licious Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner. This is my second time using it and so far, so good. I first applied it to my hairline and edges because I wanted get rid of the product I had been applying to it to slick them down all week. It also has a good amount of slip. I detangled my hair pretty easily with it. I let it sit in my hair while I finished up my shower then proceeded to rinse. My hair felt very clean and very soft.

I am not about that shrinkage life, lol This is my hair after the cleansing conditioner was rinsed and my hair had been t-shirt dried. Shrinkage central!

{2} I deep conditioned with the JBCO Treatment Masque. Did another detangling session with the deep conditioner. I try to detangle as much as possible during my wash days.
A little bit of curl definition after the dc was applied
(please try to ignore the laundry that needs to be put away)

A different section before DC

Same section after DC
{3} JBCO Leave-In conditioner was applied next and I sealed it in with TGIN Argan Oil. I detangled yet again. I twisted my hair as I applied the products.

I have the hardest time putting my hair into a bun after air drying. This time I took my time when doing the twists. I put in nine twists total. I have three rows of three twists. I am hoping that this makes it easier to deal with. I shall see in the morning when I have to deal with my hair. lol