Sunday, September 28, 2014

That Urge Has Reared It's Head!

What urge am I speaking of? The urge to cut, cut, cut! I've been wanting to cut off the relaxed ends really bad lately. One of the reasons why is all because of one particular product. Yes a product. I think this is a new level of product junkieness. lol

I have seen so many nice wash and goes being done with Camille Rose Naturals newly formulated Curl Maker. I have always been intrigued by the wash and go. It's one of two styles I always wanted to try in the event that I ever decided to become natural. I have been trying to figure a good technique to use and what products to try. I think that I have found a good product to try them out with.

The second reason is because I am loving my new growth/natural hair. Every time I wash my hair I'm loving it even more. I wish I could get a decent picture of it. If I had a pair of hair shears yesterday I might have went ahead and did it. Luckily I don't. lol When I applied the Hydratherma Naturals to my hair yesterday, it gave my hair some serious definition. lol But of course I am not going to cut it especially not behind these reasons. I know that I will regret it and not be happy if I do. I will be doing my best to make to the two year mark. I have a decent amount of new growth but I want it to grow out some more before I chop away the relaxed ends. Oh the drama that is a hair journey. lol

Wash Day Chronicle: 13 months Post (9/27/14)

This wash day I decided to do something out of the norm of what I would normally do. Keep reading to find out. By the way, it's nothing to drastic. Let's get into it.

{1} I shampooed with Cream and Coco's Cocobutter Milkshake Soap. It gives a low lather but cleanses well without stripping the hair.
{2} Conditioned with TreSemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture conditioner. I haven't used this conditioner in a long time. I am still a fan.
{3} Here is where the "out of the norm" thing comes in. As you already know, I am still working on reducing my stash. So I took a page out of Sistawithrealhair's book. I used two different conditioners on my hair to deep condition with. I have a few new conditioners that I have been anxious to use. Why not use a couple at the same damn time. lol On the right half my hair I used the Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment. On the left half, I used the SM Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque. Both conditioners are really good but I'm liking that SM a bit more. I'll be doing full reviews on both. I deep conditioned using my BonBon Cheveux Hard Candy Conditioning Bonnet for a few hours. I didn't use my steamer because I was using Jeni's tip on how to get rid of the mineral build-up in your steamer. So it was out of commission. Next week I will be doing the same thing but using my steamer to see what the outcome will be like.


{4} After rinsing, I applied Hairitage Hydration's Soft Coconut Marshmallow Leave-in to detangle and then applied the Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum to seal.
{5} Two Strand Twisted my hair and let it air dry overnight and I bunned my hair the next day.

That's it! Pretty easy and straight forward wash day. How was your's?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Your help is needed

Mainly my blog is a way to help me keep track of my hair journey. I hope that it has helped someone in someway  with their journey. Here is where your help comes in. What are some other topics that you would like to see on here? List them in the comments below and I will do my best to oblige.

Thanks a bunch!

Continuing My Manetabolism Journey and Few New Hair Pics

I was contemplating ending my Manetabolism journey once I was done with my last bottle. But I decided against that and went ahead and ordered a 4 month supply during their latest sale. Check out the pic to the left.

I want to continue to grow out my natural hair with a little help from the vitamins until I decide what my next step is going to be. I can say that as of right now I'm not focusing on length retention. I will be hovering around the same length for awhile.

 taken Aug 27th

These two pics are of my hair after being blow dried and flat iron and right before it was curled. I am 56 weeks post and my hair is doing great. The color I got in March of 2013 is growing out and giving somewhat of an Ombre effect I guess. Lol Overall I am happy with hair and looking forward to whatever comes next.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Intro to More New Products Plus Another No Buy Stint

Product No~Buy

Despite my efforts to widdle done my products I keep buying new things. lol Specifically conditioners. I am a sucker for conditioners. But I think that my curiosity has now been satisfied that I don't need to buy any more products. I am now on another product no buy. My last one was late last year or earlier this year. This is going to last through Jan 1, 2015. I believe that I can do it and my bank account will thank me for it. lol I have been spending way too much money on products knowing that I have more than enough. I love experimenting with new products but at some point I have to cut back and I am at that point. lol Wish me luck! 

On to the more exciting stuff: New Products!!!!!

Entwine Couture Deep and Penetrating Moisture Masque

It comes in what they call a Clutch with five 1.25 oz of conditioner. I have used it once and I liked. Right the Clutch Pacque is on sale for $10. Check it out at

Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment and Amino Acid Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hydratherma Naturals had a 20% off sale last weekend I took advantage of it. I can't wait to try them out. Hydratherma Naturals is one of a few product lines that helps with moisture/protein balance. I have heard of these products before and finally decided to try them out.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque

I started my hair journey using Shea Moisture products. I raved about them and even started a group on KISS for them. Eventually my being new to the whole hair journey world and wanting try other products got in the way of that love. lol I haven't messed with SM in a long time, outside of their color system that I used last year. After seeing Christine from the Mane Objective blog high praises of this conditioner. I went to Target today and picked it up. 

Note: When you purchase products from this particular SM line 10% of the sales go toward Community Commerce Initiative.

I can't find it on SM's website but I will have the link to the Mane Objective review.

Have you tried anything new lately?

One Year Post: What's Been Getting Me Through

My hair as of 9/7/14
As of August 22, I made 1 year post. Making it to this point has been one heck of an accomplishment. There has been some ups and downs and even some paranoia about my hair during this time. I worried about breakage, matting, and many other things. But believe it or not,in hindsight, this year has not been very difficult. Especially compared to the horror stories I have heard.

Here are a few things that have been helping me get through the last year of stretching.

1. Cutting the number of wash days: Although I have just started doing this As you all know I washed my hair twice a week at one point. I decided to start washing only once a week to help cut down the amount of manipulation.
2. Keeping my hair moisturized: I deep condition my hair weekly using my steamer and moisturize and seal as often as needed.
3. Limit heat usage: I am not opposed to using heat. When I get tired of my hair being in a bun I run to get my hair flat ironed. I don't it often. Doing this helps me to retain my length and keeps away split ends.
4. Protective style: I bun my hair all the time. That's my only style. I bun so much that when I do get my hair done people are shocked. lol
5. Keeping my new growth stretched: Doing this helps to keep tangles at bay. Yes I still get them bur they are definitely reduced when the new growth is stretched. I have done the tension method before but I have changed to twisting and flat twisting my hair to stretch it.
6. NOT STRESSING OVER MY HAIR: I'm not saying that my hair doesn't get on my nerves but I don't stress over it. Take a deep breath and relax. I know for some
7. Keep it simple: My wash days are very simple. shampoo, deep condition, detangle then style. For me that's all it takes. Any more steps then I might drive myself crazy.

Here's to another year of a successful hair journey!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

E'TAE Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment

Price: $19.99 for 8oz
Description: The Carmel Deep Reconstructing Treatment restores life back into all hair types. Rebuilding damaged hair and maintaining the health of healthy hair. It also: improves texture, adds body, encourages growth, restores natural moisture, encourages manageability, and creates natural shine.
Directions: *This is used before shampoo on damp or dry hair* Apply throughout entire head of hair, beginning in the roots and spreading to the ends. Place a plastic cap on your head (do not sit under dryer). allow treatment to sit for 20 minutes., for deep conditioning 1 hour. Rinse well. Shampoo twice with Camelux-Shampoo and follow with Carmelux Conditioner.
Ingredients: Honey, Bananas, Olive Oil, Cornstarch, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Tea Tree Oil

My POV: 

Texture: It has the consistency of syrup due to the molasses and honey but it goes on smoothly. I have used gloves to apply it. It is sticky so make sure to have some towels and wet paper towels in arms reach.
Scent: It smells like honey. Plain and simple. lol

This is going to be a straight to the point review. Like I stated in my 46 week post wash day chronicles post I am really feeling this product. The time that I let it sit on my hair varies. No matter how long I leave it on, my hair is always soft to the touch even after shampooing. Which I love. This is a really good deep treatment that packs a moisture punch. I want to try it out with the shampoo and conditioner from this line so I can get the full benefits of it. Right now I am just using it as a deep conditioner. The results that I see on Instagram are amazing. It does help soften your hair which makes detangling a lot easier. I honestly can't think of anything else to say about it. I give it a thumbs up. If you are interested in this product and have any questions about it leave them below and I'll answer them as best as I can.