Friday, June 3, 2016

Wash Day Chronicles

Heeeellllooo Everybody! It's been way too long. I just haven't felt like blogging because I don't have much to blog about. lol Thanks to my sister in hair, Age in Atl, for shooting me a quick "just checking on you message. It was very much appreciated.

I am back to posting a bit more frequently now. Let's get into this wash day.

Before you roll your eyes, yes, I am still using my Mane Choice products. I still them but my inner product junkie kicked in. I really wanted to try the Blueberry Bliss products. I am enjoying using them.

1. I cowashed using the Easy on the Curls 3-in-1 Conditioner. I loooove how this conditioner softens my hair while cleansing it at the same time.

2. Next, I deep conditioned using the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask. This is my first time using it. I'll come back with a review of it after a few more uses.

3. Leave-ins and stylers are next. I used the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner to my entire head. Then went on to section my hair followed by applying the Blueberry Bliss Twist and Shout Cream. I have been trying out braiding my hair for more stretch. It's been doing the job. These products leave my hair very moisturized. The Twist and Shout Cream gives great definition. The smell of the Blueberry Bliss line is awesome. I love the sweet blueberry scent. I don't have the gel for the line but I have smelled it in Target before. It smells like an a alcoholic drink and is a bit stronger than the other products. The smell lingers on the hair but it doesn't bother it. I like it. I left my hair to try overnight. I put my hair in my go-to bun style even though my hair was style a bit damp.

Have you tried the Blueberry Bliss line? How do you feel about it?


  1. OMG OMG OMG sooo glad that you're back. Oh and tell Age in ATL that I miss her face too!

    I've tried the Bliss Control Paste. You're right about the scent: YUM YUM YUM. I like to use the paste on my edges when I have a stretched style because it doesn't revert them the way that a regular gel would.

    Happy to have you back in the bloggy world chica!

    KLP @

    1. Thank you KLP! Miss you in the Fitbit challenges.

  2. Hey!!! Glad to see you back! You know that I gotta keep up with my day ones!

    I really want to try the twist and shout creme. I should have picked some up at the hair show.

    Good to see you back sis!

    1. Thanks sis! You definitely should give it a shot.

    2. Thanks sis! You definitely should give it a shot.