Thursday, July 7, 2016

Time for More Twists

I, yet again, find myself in a rut with my hair. I find myself in this rut quite often actually. Even though I haven't relaxed in 3 years and will be natural for a year next month, my hair hasn't reached it's full potential. I've been frustrated about my hair. I can't wait to go ahead and cut the rest of the color out. The color is only on the top half of my head. That section already has a looser texture than the rest of my hair but the color made it looser. I don't regret getting the color but I am over the straighter ends in the front.

So know it's time to give myself and my hair a bit of a break for the next few months. I will keep this set in until after my Vegas trip next month. I will give my hair a break for a little over a month then get another set of twists put in in October for a couple of upcoming trips.

Here is what my routine will be while I have the twists.
{1} I will wash my twists every 2 to 3 weeks. I will mainly cowash.
{2} I will alternate between oiling my scalp with the Mane Choice Growth Oil and spraying it with the Follicle Mist from Hydratherma Naturals.

That's it. Sweet, simple and to the point. lol


  1. I LOVE the twists! YASSSSS! I hear you on getting into a rut. I have those moments too and when I do, I hide my hair before I do something crazy.

    1. Thank you Age!!! I have been thinking about cutting my hair and starting over but I just can't bring myself to actually do it. So I put it away for the rest of the summer.