Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fancy Naturals African Exfoliating Net

I finally have a non-hair related post. lol I was perusing You Tube about a month ago. NaturalNeiicey posted a video about her body care routine. That girl has some beautiful skin. Once of the things that caught my eye in the video was the African Exfoliating Net. She was saying that it was one of the things that helped her get rid of the back acne she had and to achieve glowing skin. I am all for bright skin.

I hopped on over to Fancy Naturals which is a shop on Etsy that specializes West African Inspired Handmade Hair and Skin products. I attempted to order it when I was at work. I couldn't remember what my Paypal password was. I went home and tried to order it and the sucka was sold out. lol I had to wait an entire month and when it was finally back in stock, I did not waste anytime putting in my order.
The net comes in two sizes, Regular (38in long/16in wide) and Long (60in long/16 in wide). She recommends the Long for adults. I ended up ordering the long for about $12.

I couldn't wait to get my net and use it. Fast forward to last Friday the 15th it was delivered but I was on a plane headed to Dallas when it came. So I had to wait the weekend out to use it. Ohhhh but when I did two days later, I was highly impressed. My skin felt very soft, clean, and so smooth. I have tried many body scrubs and I really want to like them but I just couldn't get into them. They are messy and it's too time consuming to apply it to the entire body. I have steered clear from them despite how good they smell.

I purchased this mainly because of the exfoliating capability. I will be mainly using the net but I will still use a wash cloth for other things.  A benefit of the net is that it holds less bacteria than wash clothes. Besides it removing dead skin it also enhances circulation. The long net makes it so easy to clean your entire back. Let me say that again. YOU CAN REACH AND CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE BACK! I can't be the only one who struggles with that. lol Once you are done ring it out, hang it up and let it air dry.

The burning question I know you have and I had as well when researching the net is "How do you clean it?" Do you hand wash it? Do you machine wash it? The answer is neither. Every four months disinfect the African Exfoliating Net by soaking it in boiling hot water. That's it. I love this thing!

Got any questions, drop them below.

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