Monday, August 15, 2016

Product Haul

Well Hello Everyone! I am back with a haul. For some strange reason with my hair being away in twists, I have been on a product buying spree. Here are the items that I have purchased.

Pictured above are some goodies that I am revisiting. I was in love with the Chocolate Bliss and Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream Deep Conditioner. Both of these deep conditioners smell heavenly. I can't wait to use them again, The Naturelle Grow Coconut Water Cleansing Conditioner is an awesome cleansing conditioner.

Next up is the Lush Deep Conditioner from Miche. Miche is the new product line from one of my fav You Tubers, Michelle B from Everything Mich. I've heard good things and I can't wait to try it out.

The Sarenzo Beauty Peppermint and Tea Tree Clay Wash was purchased because of the rave review and awesome results from Ashkinscurls. I hope my results are at least in the ballpark of her's. I will be using this in a few weeks when I happily take these twists down.

I have seen a few good reviews about the Keraveda Caramel Souffle and Creme Brulee. I will be finding ways to incorporate this into my regimen.

I cannot wait to start trying these products out. Wash day can't get here quick enough. At the moment I can't wait to wash my hair. Styling is another beast in itself. My next post will be after I remove the Senegalese Twists. I'll let you know how the take down process went and whether or not I have any damage from them. 

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?