Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mini Manetabolism Update

I'm still taking the vitamins every night with a bottle of water. I haven't been good about keeping up with length checks mainly because they are hard to do by yourself. The other reason is that since I just cut off a good amount from my ends it was really kinda pointless. With that said, now I am moreso using them to help get the new growth out a little quicker and to possibly do another cut in August depending on how much growth I retain. If I were to cut the bone straight ends off today the longest parts would be right at the base of my neck and that is too short for me. lol Aside from the vitamins I am doing my best to eat better not only for my hair health but my overall health. I still haven't experienced any side effects from taking them. So no complaints.

Wash Day Chronicles: 43 Weeks Post

I co-washed my hair this past Sunday using the Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner and I deep conditioned under my steamer with Hairitage Hydration's new Chocolate Covered Curls conditioner. This was my first wash after getting my hair cut and straightened.

It was a pretty good wash day even though the Chocolate Covered Curls conditioner wasn't as moisturizing as I hoped it would be. I will use it as a co-wash conditioner and see how that works. I lost a very small of hair after detangling. This is less than what I normally loose. Which is awesome.

This is my hair after I have detangled one section unstretched and stretched.  After detangling my hair, I applied my leave-ins and blow dried my roots using the tension method. I've been wearing my in a bun as usual. It was a quick wash day. Nothing spectacular.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

So Let's Talk...

On my last post I talked about getting rid of some of these aggravating ends and I did just that. I had my hair done by Nina Christmas at the Huetiful Salon and she did a great job. She is all about educating her clients. She gave me a mirror to show what she doing with my hair during the shampoo and conditioning phase. Giving me pointers on how to deal with my hair. She is also super sweet and has a lot of energy. I know that they want you to utilize the other stylists at the shop but she will be my go-to.

Moving on. The pic first picture was after she started cutting. I told her during our mini consultation when I first sat down that I wanted to get an inch cut off. So after she blow dried my hair she went got some paper towels and pinned them to the cape and gave me a mirror. She showed my where one inch would be and I told her to take it up some more. All in all about 3 in or so where taken off. After the initial cut she went through and did another nice trim to clean it up and I loved it. I don't have a picture of the completed trim but my hair looks so much better after getting rid of those ends.

My plan is to go back on my birthday, which is at the end of August, and maybe do another cut depending on how much growth I retain between now and then. I'll do my best to try and limit my heat usage. I have been all about length retention lately because I have goals in mind about how long I want to get my hair but now I am focusing on keeping my hair healthy and trimming my ends. Don't get it twisted I still want my hair to be longer but I want to get more new growth in before the bone straight ends are completely gone. It could be another year to year and half before I decid to cut them all off.
Now as far as whether or not I am transitioning, I'm keeping it label and care free. As I have stated before and I know I sound like a broken record but I still have no desire to relax my hair any time soon or to big chop. I'm taking it one day at a time and enjoying the ride. My hair has been thriving and I love it.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Is A Cut In The Works?

My last length check

To answer the question, yes. A cut is in the works for my hair nothing major like I was first going to do but it is still a big deal for me. Let's start with a little bit of back story. You all already know that I wanted to try my hand at straightening my hair myself but I was going to wait until right before the 4th do it. But that plan didn't work it. I ended up straightening my hair shortly after making the post and I didn't care for the results at all. The only thing I did care for was the thickness. My hair didn't get as straight as I wanted. It was dry and just a mess. Despite deep conditioning under my steamer before hand. Sorry no pictures though because I was going to give it another try on the original day that I set and do a post then. Fast forward to my most recent wash day, which was yesterday. My hair was getting my nerves. Overall it was decent wash day. I lost significantly less hair then I normally do but these ends have me at my wits end. I usually try to ignore them and do a good job of it but yesterday was different story. The look of these ends is dreadful. I have all this fullness at the top and straggly ends. Not very appealing. Yesterday, I went online and made a hair appointment. I plan cutting no more than an inch off. Mainly in the back because the bang area the straight ends are just about gone. But where the longer pieces are some of them have gotta go. I don't want loose a lot of length which is why I'm opting for only an inch cut. 

My hair after being blow dried

I know you all are like "Why is she being dramatic over an inch cut?" Well an inch cut for me is a big deal. I don't like cutting my hair unless it is absolutely necessary and now is the time. I am putting the health, look and feel of my hair over the length of my hair. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Straightening Products

I haven't straightened my hair myself in almost two years and lately I've been wanting to try my hand at it again for a little bit now. I think that now I am better equipped and more knowledgeable so the experience can go a lot smoother. You all already knew that I purchased the Give It To Me Straight Collection from Mane Choice. Today I went to Sally Beauty Supply and purchased new tools, the Hot Shots Tools Black Pearl Flat Iron and a Hot Shot Tools Helen of Troy Turbo Ionic Tourmaline Dryer. Yes, I already own several flat irons and a blow dryer but being that I am 41 weeks post I wanted something new that I hope stands up to this task. lol I mainly wanted a new blow dryer because I hate the comb attachment that goes with my old dryer.   It looks like the one pictured. Those type of teeth I feel will ripe out my hair. They are flimsy and also the attachment is missing teeth which is just asking for broken and split ends. My new blow dryer has shorter more sturdy teeth that I feel more comfortable using.
I also bought a Denman Brush to help aide in detangling. I will definitely be concentrating more on the detangling process because that is definitely key. Do you all have some pointers on having a successful flat ironing experience? If all goes well, I will be giving salons a break. Although I enjoy going to the Huetiful Salon, it's hard for me to find a good appointment time because each stylist is very busy and a lot of slots are times are taken. Please leave any tips in the comment section!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wash Day Chronicles & First Impressions: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner

{1} Rinsed my hair thoroughly with water to loosen any dirt and oil on my hair and scalp.
{2} Applied the cleansing connditioner to each section and let it sit while finishing up shower duties.
{3} Rinsed conditioner out and tshirt dried my hair for abour 10 minutes
{4} Applied my Mango and Coconut Water conditioner and sat under my steamer.
{5} Applied my leave~ins, detangled and used the tension method to stretch my new growth. My hair is very soft and moisturized.

First Impressions

I think that I am in love with this cleansing conditioner. I think I fell in love the moment I put it on the first section of hair. I could feel just how much slip this conditioner has. It has a lotion like texture that is very loose. It glides onto the hair very easily and sinks right in. It lightly cleansed my hair and left it feeling moisturized. I can't comment on the smell due to sinus issues. I can't smell a thing. Lol I think this has made it onto my staples list. When I'm finished with this bottle I will have my final review.