Sunday, June 15, 2014

Is A Cut In The Works?

My last length check

To answer the question, yes. A cut is in the works for my hair nothing major like I was first going to do but it is still a big deal for me. Let's start with a little bit of back story. You all already know that I wanted to try my hand at straightening my hair myself but I was going to wait until right before the 4th do it. But that plan didn't work it. I ended up straightening my hair shortly after making the post and I didn't care for the results at all. The only thing I did care for was the thickness. My hair didn't get as straight as I wanted. It was dry and just a mess. Despite deep conditioning under my steamer before hand. Sorry no pictures though because I was going to give it another try on the original day that I set and do a post then. Fast forward to my most recent wash day, which was yesterday. My hair was getting my nerves. Overall it was decent wash day. I lost significantly less hair then I normally do but these ends have me at my wits end. I usually try to ignore them and do a good job of it but yesterday was different story. The look of these ends is dreadful. I have all this fullness at the top and straggly ends. Not very appealing. Yesterday, I went online and made a hair appointment. I plan cutting no more than an inch off. Mainly in the back because the bang area the straight ends are just about gone. But where the longer pieces are some of them have gotta go. I don't want loose a lot of length which is why I'm opting for only an inch cut. 

My hair after being blow dried

I know you all are like "Why is she being dramatic over an inch cut?" Well an inch cut for me is a big deal. I don't like cutting my hair unless it is absolutely necessary and now is the time. I am putting the health, look and feel of my hair over the length of my hair. 


  1. We all hate cutting but its a necessary evil.

  2. I love your big hair in this picture. Getting trims and cuts suck but the good news is that once it's gone---you'll breathe a sigh of relief that you don't have to see them anymore!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you! I was feeling it too. lol I can't wait to see how it looks after the trim/cut.