Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wash Day Chronicles & First Impressions: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner

{1} Rinsed my hair thoroughly with water to loosen any dirt and oil on my hair and scalp.
{2} Applied the cleansing connditioner to each section and let it sit while finishing up shower duties.
{3} Rinsed conditioner out and tshirt dried my hair for abour 10 minutes
{4} Applied my Mango and Coconut Water conditioner and sat under my steamer.
{5} Applied my leave~ins, detangled and used the tension method to stretch my new growth. My hair is very soft and moisturized.

First Impressions

I think that I am in love with this cleansing conditioner. I think I fell in love the moment I put it on the first section of hair. I could feel just how much slip this conditioner has. It has a lotion like texture that is very loose. It glides onto the hair very easily and sinks right in. It lightly cleansed my hair and left it feeling moisturized. I can't comment on the smell due to sinus issues. I can't smell a thing. Lol I think this has made it onto my staples list. When I'm finished with this bottle I will have my final review.