Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Straightening Products

I haven't straightened my hair myself in almost two years and lately I've been wanting to try my hand at it again for a little bit now. I think that now I am better equipped and more knowledgeable so the experience can go a lot smoother. You all already knew that I purchased the Give It To Me Straight Collection from Mane Choice. Today I went to Sally Beauty Supply and purchased new tools, the Hot Shots Tools Black Pearl Flat Iron and a Hot Shot Tools Helen of Troy Turbo Ionic Tourmaline Dryer. Yes, I already own several flat irons and a blow dryer but being that I am 41 weeks post I wanted something new that I hope stands up to this task. lol I mainly wanted a new blow dryer because I hate the comb attachment that goes with my old dryer.   It looks like the one pictured. Those type of teeth I feel will ripe out my hair. They are flimsy and also the attachment is missing teeth which is just asking for broken and split ends. My new blow dryer has shorter more sturdy teeth that I feel more comfortable using.
I also bought a Denman Brush to help aide in detangling. I will definitely be concentrating more on the detangling process because that is definitely key. Do you all have some pointers on having a successful flat ironing experience? If all goes well, I will be giving salons a break. Although I enjoy going to the Huetiful Salon, it's hard for me to find a good appointment time because each stylist is very busy and a lot of slots are times are taken. Please leave any tips in the comment section!


  1. My tip Would be to not use the comb extention on the dryer. Instead use a roundbrush. That way you Will get your hair very straight and shiny. And you wont even need to use the flat iron much.

    The brush extentions on dryers i found just makes the hair fluffy

  2. My advice would be to rollerset first. I know that a lot of people HATE rollersetting, but try a ponytail rollerset (they are way easier). Rollersetting does SO much of the work for you. You can use a lower temperature and you only need one pass since the hair is pretty much already smooth and straight.

    If you would prefer to blow dry, make sure that you have a good blow out cream. They really do make a difference. I also use the Turn up the Heat spray as my heat protectant. It is SO helpful to prevent reversion. I use it and my hair stays straight until I clarify it out!

    Lastly, be sure to use the comb/chase method when flat ironing. It gets the hair super silky and straight.

    Good luck and cannot wait to see those pics!!

    1. Thanks Age! I did a test run on straightening my hair but didn't care for the results. I might have to try this out.