Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mane Choice Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner

Name: Mane Choice Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner

Price: 13.99 on the Mane Choice website

Description: Soft As Can Be name says it all. A 3-in-1 conditioner formulated to revitalize and refresh the hair instantly. An advanced conditioner that can be used as a Co-Wash, Leave In, and Detangler. Adds shine, softness and manageability. Stops breakage during the detangling process. Leaves the hair softer and more elastic.
The nutrient contents of this conditioner makes the hair less dry and less prone to breakage by allowing the hair to hold in more moisture for longer periods of time. When used a Co-Wash this unique formula gently rinses away impurities and product build up. Infused with Biotin and Tea Tree to promote growth and retention. No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Formaldehydes
●Gentle enough for daily use
●Promotes growth and retention.
● Softly rinses hair from impurities and product buildup.
●Leaves hair feeling revitalized and refreshed.
●Instantly hydrates and moisturizes.
●Helps to remove knots & tangles
●Minimize damage and breakage.
Pros for me: This product is AWESOME. Absolutely awesome. It moisturizes and softens my hair like nobody's business. I get a serious case of hand in hair syndrome when this leave-in is in my hair, It has a medium and creamy consistency that smoothes onto the hair with ease. This makes detangling so easy. I have only used 2 out of the 3 ways, leave-in and detangler, and as such I love it. I want to use it as a cowash but I will wait until I have gotten a few more bottles in my stash. I cannot figure out what the leave-in smells like but it has a very pretty yet subtle scent. It doesn't linger for long. The leave-in is tied for my favorite with the edge control from their line.
Cons for me: It's only 8 oz. I need more product! I am heavy handed with the products and with this being multipurpose it needs to be bigger. If I used it as a cowash as well I would be going through it way too quickly. With their products not being readily available I would be ordering it more frequently.
Verdict: The 3-in-1 leave-in will be a permanent part of my regimen. I will be stocking up when they have another sale.


  1. Wow! Another winner from the line. I may have to add this one too! Great review sis!

    1. If you do try it, I hope your hair likes it as much as mine does. I did the banding method last night after moisturizing with it and my hair is so soft right now. It's a definite winner.