Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bun Saving Duo

My name is Candace and I'm a serial bunner. My buns are the reason that I get frustrated with my hair. I always end up straightening it or in last months case, get twists. I know I mentioned in a few posts how my buns just never pan out. It's frizzy and super puffy at the top. I would wear head bands to try and camouflage the frizzy puffy mess. I have found my bun saving products and they are pictured to the left.

These products make me happy. They have solved all my bun styling woos.

This is my hair last night after I spritzed my hair with water to reactivate my moisturizer then applied the styling gel.to the top and sides of the hair and the edge control on my edges. I put on my wrap and scarf for a couple of hours. I took it off just to get this picture. My hair was so smooth. No frizz and no puffiness. I put the scarf and wrap back on for the night and went to bed.

This is my hair as of 4 pm today. My hair and edges are still laid. This is after working with 2 and 3 year olds then going to a workshop. Eco Styler Gel, the Jireh edge control, ORS Edge Control, Creme of Nature Edge Control and the As I Am Styling Gel have not given me the results that I have been getting with this combo. The As I Am Styling Gel is the only gel that has gotten close to getting the results pictured.

Both products do not have the same consistency as their counterparts. Check out Jen's post on to the consistency of the gel, if you haven't already. She has a video clip that will do better justice to the gel than any picture that I can post.

The Laid Back Effortlessly Edge Control by Mane Choice has one of the smoothest consistencies I have ever seen in an edge control. The smooth consistency makes the application process soooo easy. Usually the consistency of edge controls are very stiff and waxy. When I apply them to my hair line you can see exactly where I put it because there is a streak of product. No matter how much I try to brush it in or distribute the product as evenly as possible, the streak stays there and it doesn't give me the hold that I am looking for. That is issue is non-existent with Mane Choice's edge control.

I would highly recommend these products. You can purchase them though http://themanechoice.com/


  1. Added to my wish list!

    Did you have to use a lot of product to get these results or does a little go a long way?

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. I used a little more than a quarter sized amount. I rubbed it in my hands than applied it. My hair being damp helped it to spread on better.

  2. With the long stretches I've been doing lately, I'm always in favor of a product like this that lay down our edges. Great review, Candace!

  3. I have been hearing nothing but stellar reviews on the gel and the price is pretty good. I want it!! I want to start using a gel for rod sets. Thanks for sharing. I will pick some up during her next sale.

    1. I plan on stocking up on some things too during the next sale.