Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles: 7/26/15

After a little over a week of being straight, I finally washed my hair. Today's wash day was brought to you by Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless line. I was finally able to use this line and was so excited about it.
1. I wanted to watch my hair revert back to curly. I parted my hair into three sections, sprayed my hair with distilled water and applied the Weightless Conditioning Creme and watched the magic happen. lol I let the conditioner sit for awhile out of sheer laziness before washing it out. Sidenote: This conditioner defined my curls very well except for the frizzy patch that's at the bottom left side of my head.

2. After rinsing the conditioner out, I shampooed two times with the weightless shampoo. My hair felt super clean but not striped. 

3. I applied the conditioner to my hair to help restore some moisture to my hair. My hair felt soft. I didn't detangle with the conditioner. I can't say rather or not it has slip. I definitely will next time.

4. I applied the hair masque and it detangled pretty well. I sat under the steamer for about 25 minutes. This was first time in months that I used my steamer. I just haven't felt like sitting under it lately. I left the masque on little while longer while I finished up some work around the house. My hair felt very soft and moisturized after I rinsed the masque out. I love the light fruity smell.

5. In an attempt to get rid of products, I pulled out Soultanicles HerShea Sauce Knot Boss detangles/leave-in and proceeded to twist my hair. I must say that my hair feels absolutely soft and moisturized as I am typing this out.

6. I used my SSS plates to stretch out my twists. I kept the plates in for a couple of hours then removed them to allow my hair to continue to air dry.
The one twist that is in the back of my head only had the root plate it. Compare it to the twists on the side and you can see they are more elongated. The plates do their job for my hair. I'll let them dry over night and put my hair in a bun in the morning.

How was your latest wash day? 


  1. So, how would you rate the mask in comparison to the super fruit one? I am hoping that she has a Black Friday sale on those plates. Would love to try them but I would need so many!

    1. So far the Superfruit is still on top. The line is really good though. My hair is very soft and does feel very light. Which is good since my hair is very fine.