Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Friday Sales and other Ramblings

  • Those infamous Black Friday Sales are underway for a lot of small businesses. I have already made a few purchases. I got a few things from the Shi-Naturals 25% off sale I posted. I also purchased some more Soft Coconut Marshmallow and Pink Grapefruit Punch from Hairitage Hydration. 16 oz bottles of each. She had a 40% off Pre-Black Friday sale. I am hoping that she really is having an actual Black Friday Sale on the 29th (code:goblack35). I want to try the Sticky Honey Hash Conditioner. For more info on other Black Friday Sales check this link: 

  • I have been in serious product junkie mode. I have been buying and buying products. lol Time to take a step back, after Black Friday, of course. I have a few more things to get before I go on a strict NO BUY for a very long time. Here are the last of products, I plan to get. After these purchases, I will be fully and I mean fully stocked on products. Silk Hydration: Mocha Silk Infusion (Time to stock up), Purgasm Shop: Cocoa and Yogurt Shampoo and Body Bar, Hairitage Hydration: Sticky Honey Hash Conditioner This will definitely be hard but I don't need anything else. It's time to start using up everything that I have. Which will start a new series of posts for me, Product Empties. lol            
  • It's time for another No Heat Stint. I have stated before that I didn't like how heat makes my ends feel but I was tired of bunning and decided to get my hair done once a month. Which was fine but I like and prefer how soft and moisturized my air dried hair feels. So from now until I get my touch up in February or March, I will not be using direct heat on my hair. Also, I am contemplating getting major trim. These bone straight ends are working my nerves.  

What's on your Black Friday list?


  1. You know we are two peas of a pod.....I got my order from HH today and my roots had been screaming for moisture as I haven't washed my hair for a week. I applied the soft coconut marshmallow to my dry roots and they are so soft and pliable. I absolutely LOVE this product! It's the first purchase of this product and I could kick myself for ordering a 8oz bottle.

    1. OMG Isn't that stuff great! I air dry with it and my hair is super soft. I got my package today too. She officially announced her new sale. Use the code in the post. You can get the 16 oz bottle like I did. lol Although I believe the 8 oz will last awhile. I've barely put a dent in mine. I will be trying out the Sticky Honey Hash Conditioner during the sale.