Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cream and Coco Feminine Care Product Review

Let's take a break from the hair talk and focus on something a lot different shall we. I found out about Cream and Coco from the Mane Objective blog. When I read that one of the soap bars that I will review I had to try them out and have been addicted ever since. Now that might be some TMI moments but we are all ladies who go through the same feminine issues. Anything, that I can do make it easier on us I have no problem sharing. lol

Pink Cookie Soap Bar
Price: 5.50 per bar/ 35.50 for the PC Soap Log (It sells out FAST)
Pink Cookie Soap

This bar is very specifically formulated for a woman's natural pH. Our mildest soap yet to gently cleanse even the most sensitive lady parts. Moroccan red clay for its amazing absorptive properties to refresh and naturally absorb odors. The clay also makes the bar fabulous for bikini shaves and provides a lubricant for your razor. Pink Cookie is organic Greek yogurt for the probiotics to maintain your natural pH and prevent "lady issues". 

Lastly, and why this bar is just so fabulous, organic white vinegar. Vinegar helps maintain the natural acidicity of the vagina and can minimize odor. Please ask your Grandma about vinegar, but I assure you, you will thank us. 

  • Greek yogurt to help maintain healthy flora
  • Vinegar for odor prevention
  • Pink clay to absorb odors and lubricate for shaving
  • Creamy coconut soap to naturally cleanse without drying
  • Shea butter to moisturize delicate skin 

5-5.5oz bar
ingredients: saponified oils of soybean & coconut, olive oil, soy butter, shea butter, rhassoul clay, organic greek yogurt, vinegar

My view: I have been searching for a feminine cleanser for a long time. I was using Summer's Eve wash for a bit but that was garbage. I used black soap for awhile and was okay. It cleansed but it is nothing compared to what the Pink Cookie does. This soap leaves you feeling really fresh and clean all day. It doesn't have much of a smell which is good for our sensitive va-jay-jay area. lol I have been hooked on this soap since I first used it. It sales very quickly. I've gone awhile without because it was out of stock. Luckily they have other feminine care items that I used until I was finally able to reorder. When I reordered I got the Pink Cookie Soap Log. The soap log will last you a very long time. I won't be worrying about reordering for a long time. Check out Cream and Coco for all the other feminine care and various other products.

Pink Cookie Soap Log
Pink Cookie Soap Log

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