Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Summer Hair Plans

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Now that summer is officially upon us, I notice that some people switch their regimens up during this time. I don't plan on doing anything different with my hair as far as my regimen goes. I don't change my regimen with the seasons but I will be enjoying my hair a bit more this summer especially since July is family reunion month for me and bunning is out of the question. 

July Plans:
As I stated July is family reunion month and the South will be seeing me a lot. I will be going to the shop about twice during the month. First visit will be this week. My wonderful cousin/stylist is back to work.  YAY! I'm thinking that since I will be headed down South that I will have her braid the top portion of my hair and leave the back down to show off some length. That way my hair isn't in my face.

In between visits, I will still be deep conditioning 2x a week, not using heat,   and bunning. 

August Plan:
Is my birthday month, Virgos Rule lol, and I will be touching up my color. Making sure that my hair stays moisturized and keeping up with protein treatments is what I do after highlighting my hair. Check out the post I have on that topic for more details. 

There you have it. They're isn't too much that I will be doing. 

What are your summer hair plans?


  1. I tend to use lighter moisturizers and leave ins during the summer, but other than that, nothing much changes.

    I hope you have a wonderful time down in my part of the country!

    And Virgos DO RULE!!!!

    1. Age it's almost our time of the year! lol The South will be seeing me almost every weekend in July.

  2. This summer I'm trying out co-washing and bantu knots. Other than that---the rest of my routine is the same.