Friday, June 7, 2013

Salon Visit Recap

As I stated in a previous posts I visited a new salon and stylist today. I haven't been able to get in to see my lovely cousin. I have been bunning since March and I've grown tired of doing do. Since my appointment with my cousin was cancelled last week I decided to visit a salon that I have heard some pretty good things about. So let's get started. My appointment was set for 9:30. I get to the shop and an assistant answered the door. I let her know who I was there to see and what time my appointment was for. She said ok and told me to have a seat. 15 minutes after my appointment...nothing. During that time stylists started trickling in. Still no one asked me who I was there to see. I couldn't remember what the stylist I was seeing looked like so I checked out her picture on their website and realized that the stylist I had a brief conversation with was the who was suppose to be doing my hair. Just to be sure I asked the other assistant if, let's call her Cassy, was there. Basically, Cassy didn't put my appointment into her phone and completely forgot about it. Since she had already washed and blow dried and started braiding somebody else to prep her for a sew-in, Cassy had one of the assistants to wash my hair. All I wanted was a shampoo wash, blow dry, and a flat iron. After, my hair was washed she detangle my hair with a fine tooth comb. While she was detangling she asked me if I was experiencing any breakage. I told her not that I could tell. But after thinking about it I really think that I have due to those pesky knots. Sigh. I think I have been in denial about my hair. Anywhoo. Once I got into Cassy's chair and she blow dried and flat ironed my hair, on 450, she told me that I needed a trim. I let her trim. I haven't had one since March. Then she went on to tell me that my hair was breaking and shedding all over the place and that my ends are starting to thin out because of the breakage. When doing my own hair that isn't my experience. I could be getting some breakage from the knots but no shedding. She recommended that the next time I come, I should have my hair cut into layers to help conceal the breakage. That way I wouldn't lose much length. Although she was a very pleasant lady, this was a one time deal. This was more for me to take break from bunning and enjoy my length. So after hearing everything that she said. I really want to blame the shitty detangling that was done and the blow drying process but maybe it is me. The knots probably did more damage than I thought. I believe my cousin will be back to work in a couple of weeks and she can tell what's really going on. If her assessment is pretty much the same as Cassy's then I will be going back to texlaxing. I don't want to cause any more damage to my hair. I am really hoping that all my hard work isn't ruining my hair because the whole my ends are thinning out comment kind of gotten to me.What I plan on doing while my hair is straight is just adding my Creme of Nature 100% Pure Argan Oil to my hair and make sure that I wrap it. I'll do an update post after I see my cousin. Overall, I am enjoying the length of my hair. It's the longest my hair has ever been.


  1. I'm not seeing what she was talking about but you know your hair better than anyone else so do you :)

  2. That is what I do NOT miss about going to the salon. The stylist being late, no one hardly acknowledges you while you are sitting there, overbooking, NOT booking (like Cassy did, SMDH) and attitudes. She did a pretty good job though. Your hair and ends look great!

    One thing about stretching, you definitely have to know when to throw in the towel. If your hair is breaking and thinning out, you are right to just go ahead and texlax; but, if you are still thinking of transitioning, you have to know that breakage and thinning come with the territory. You just have to try and minimize both as much as possible, but you definitely won't be able to stop it completely. I will be curious to hear what your cousin suggests, but you go with your gut, fellow Virgo (we do anyway!). Don't let the breakage get you down too much. Just figure out what went wrong and 1. correct it to keep stretching or 2. use that knowledge during your next stretch. Good luck sis!