Saturday, September 21, 2013

BonBons Cheveux Hard Candy Bonnets


I first heard about BonBons Cheveux bonnets from Babilon Kay on YouTube. I entered into her giveaway contest and lost. lol I also enter into Virtuous Athena's giveway and lost that one too. So I decided to go ahead and spend the money myself. I bought the plastic lined Hard Candy Bonnet called Birthday Cake (pictured above) and also a regular bonnet. But this post is about the hard candy bonnet. The bonnets come in different colors and prints. The hard candy bonnets are pricey. Like 30 bucks pricey but if used on a regular bases: worth the price. I will be getting my money's worth now. 

I revisited this bonnet because I didn't feel like steaming my hair today or sitting under the dryer even if it was for only 10 minutes. So instead of grabbing a plastic cap and my hair wrap I went for the bonnet and I'm glad I did. I forgot how much I liked this thing. It fits very snug on my head and traps heat very well. I just rinsed the inside of it with water and wiped it down to clean it. Just that simple. My hair felt like I gave it a mini steaming session. I will not be purchasing another plastic bag to deep condition with. On days that I will not be steaming, I'll use the bonnet.  


  1. This looks pretty neat!

  2. The bonnet looks good. Are they available for purchase online?

    1. Yes they are. I put the link to the website at the top of the post.

  3. I keep forgetting about the hard candy bonnets. The next time I run out of plastic caps I think I'm going to buy one of these instead

  4. Let me know if you do. They worth it to me. I will not buy another box of plastic caps again. lol