Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hair Growth Myth...Does you hair grow faster when natural?

I follow the Healthy Hair Journey Facebook page. I really enjoy the tips and pics that they post on a daily basis. Yesterday they reposted the picture of CourtneyNaturalHair's that showed her 4 year growth comparison. Of course, you had your naysayers who said that her hair was a weave for various silly reasons. Some ladies said that natural hair grows quicker than relaxed hair. I personally don't believe this. Your growth rate doesn't magically speed up because you aren't relaxing your hair anymore. A good percentage of ladies transition or big chop because they didn't know that you have to put in work to keep up with your relaxed hair. Now because of this they experience breakage that keeps their hair at the same length for years. I was one of those ladies but I decided to stay relaxed and work on my hair. Others, like I said, go/return natural and experience great length retention. Not because they are natural but because they have been TAKING BETTER CARE OF THEIR HAIR. If they had put the same amount of time and energy into their hair when it was relaxed as they do now that is natural they would more than likely have the same results. This is my opinion but ladies what do you think? Does natural hair grow faster than relaxed?  


  1. I think some natural ladies just took better of care of their hair when natural. (Myself included) I paid more attention to it. I don't think it is growing faster because I had a gang of new growth between relaxers. I just wasn't retaining the length.

    I see some relaxed ladies with gorgeous hair. I don't think the chemicals has anything to do with growth. I think its about taking care of your hair in general.

    1. I definitely agree with you. I have so many relaxed hair inspirations from Prettywitty77 to Ulovemegz. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Agreed. Whether you relax or not the hair from your scalp grows out virgin so that theory makes no sense at all!

  3. I think the disparity in HOW people care for their hair stems from the primary reason one gets a relaxer in the first place (well, it was MY primary reason) - I need my hair to be more manageable, I can't deal with ALL of this natural hair!! gets relaxed for the sake of convenience (like I said, that's what I did) and THEN because it's "easier" to care for now, now one puts in less effort. So some ladies go and go back to natural, now putting in LOADS of effort and suddenly, whoop whoop, hair is retaining length and they swear that if they didn't go natural that would not have happened. Personally, I also contend that it all comes down to CARE. I have seen some busted up naturals since I started my journey, and I have seen some AMAZING relaxed heads. It all comes down to care and effort. After starting my journey I firmly believe that anyone can have long healthy hair, if you simply put your back into it. :-)

  4. I definitely agree. People don't realize or know that you have to take the time and put in the effort to have healthy hair. It's a lot of work but they put the blame on the relaxer instead of where it belongs on themselves and whoever is helping them with their hair.