Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have I Used Up My Stash?

From Feb post
 Back in February I did a Use Up the Stash post. I was reminded of this from a comment from fellow blogger FancyFlairLady. lol

Have I used up my stash? Yes and No. Some products I have used up. A lot were given away and some sadly were thrown out because they had been around a looong time. Taking these steps helped to reduce this pile quite a bit. Although I still have a good amount of product to get
through, the original pile has been reduced only to
Feb Post
have been replaced with newer items. lol So now I have a whole new crop of products to go through and I am working on it. lol The last picture is of the new stash. lol This is my life as a product junkie.

This is what my stash looks like today

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