Sunday, September 14, 2014

Continuing My Manetabolism Journey and Few New Hair Pics

I was contemplating ending my Manetabolism journey once I was done with my last bottle. But I decided against that and went ahead and ordered a 4 month supply during their latest sale. Check out the pic to the left.

I want to continue to grow out my natural hair with a little help from the vitamins until I decide what my next step is going to be. I can say that as of right now I'm not focusing on length retention. I will be hovering around the same length for awhile.

 taken Aug 27th

These two pics are of my hair after being blow dried and flat iron and right before it was curled. I am 56 weeks post and my hair is doing great. The color I got in March of 2013 is growing out and giving somewhat of an Ombre effect I guess. Lol Overall I am happy with hair and looking forward to whatever comes next.