Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Year Post: What's Been Getting Me Through

My hair as of 9/7/14
As of August 22, I made 1 year post. Making it to this point has been one heck of an accomplishment. There has been some ups and downs and even some paranoia about my hair during this time. I worried about breakage, matting, and many other things. But believe it or not,in hindsight, this year has not been very difficult. Especially compared to the horror stories I have heard.

Here are a few things that have been helping me get through the last year of stretching.

1. Cutting the number of wash days: Although I have just started doing this As you all know I washed my hair twice a week at one point. I decided to start washing only once a week to help cut down the amount of manipulation.
2. Keeping my hair moisturized: I deep condition my hair weekly using my steamer and moisturize and seal as often as needed.
3. Limit heat usage: I am not opposed to using heat. When I get tired of my hair being in a bun I run to get my hair flat ironed. I don't it often. Doing this helps me to retain my length and keeps away split ends.
4. Protective style: I bun my hair all the time. That's my only style. I bun so much that when I do get my hair done people are shocked. lol
5. Keeping my new growth stretched: Doing this helps to keep tangles at bay. Yes I still get them bur they are definitely reduced when the new growth is stretched. I have done the tension method before but I have changed to twisting and flat twisting my hair to stretch it.
6. NOT STRESSING OVER MY HAIR: I'm not saying that my hair doesn't get on my nerves but I don't stress over it. Take a deep breath and relax. I know for some
7. Keep it simple: My wash days are very simple. shampoo, deep condition, detangle then style. For me that's all it takes. Any more steps then I might drive myself crazy.

Here's to another year of a successful hair journey!


  1. Congrats Candace! LOVE your hair. It looks so healthy! I totally agree with your tips. Mine are very similar.

    1. Thank you Age! I wish I could have gotten a better picture though.

  2. I don't do the wash day posts much any more because wash days are very infrequent these days. I'm beyond 1 year post and I know the struggle. CONGRATS!

    1. Thanks Jay! I'm closing in on 2 years post and my hair is mostly natural now.