Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wash Day Chronicles

Despite my ongoing battle with my hair believe it or not I actually enjoy washing my hair.  Even on days that washing it isn't going the greatest. Today's wash day was one of the great ones. I just hope my twist out reflects that. lol

1. Instead of co-washing or shampooing my hair I reached for my Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (purchased from Vitamin Shoppe). I put 3 spoonfuls of clay into bowl and mixed it with distilled water. I ended up with a chunky consistency. That wasn't what I was going for but it didn't make a difference. I applied it to my hair in sections to make sire that every strand was covered with the masque. I let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once it was rinsed, my hair felt very clean and soft. My coily hair was very defined. No shampoo or co-wash defined my hair like this clay did.

2. Next I applied Naturelle Grow Mango and Coconut Water to my super soft hair. lol Sat under the dryer for 20 minutes then rinsed the conditioner out with cool water. I forgot how much I enjoyed this conditioner.

3. On damp hair, I applied Creme of Nature's 100% Argan Oil to seal in some moisture. I proceeded to use my leave-in of choice for the day, Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle my hair. I used a little of my Mane Choice Doesn't Get Much Butter Than This Hair Butter to flat twist my hair. My hair will air dry over night in hopes that I will have a nicely defined twist out by then. They have been hit or miss lately. One day it's nice and fluffy the next it's a frizzy mess.

This is what the clay mixture looked like. I made way too much. I think that 2 scoops will be fine next time. I'm gonna use it again at the end of December. After that I will do a full review of the masque. I use it as a facial masque as well.

How have your wash days been going?


  1. Awesome wash day product lineup! Did you get anything during the Black Friday sales?

    1. I only purchased my Manetabolism Vitamins from the Mane Choice's 50% off sale. Maybe I'll catch some Christmas sales. Did you get anything?

    2. Girl, you know I did! I didn't go too crazy though. I got some Shescentit, BASK/Bekura, Soultanicals, and I too ordered from the Mane Choice. I wasn't about to pass up that sale. I have always been curious about the vitamins, so I bought a 3 month supply. I also picked up some cutting shears (which I LOVE BTW. They are super sharp). If the vitamins are everything that people say they are, I plan to pick up more during her BF sale next year.

    3. Let me know how you like the vitamins. I wanted to get a pair of the shears but I don't trim my hair myself so it would have been a waste of money.