Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caught the Color Bug

I've wanted to color my hair for a little bit now. The urge got a little stronger after seeing Shea Moisture’s new Hair Color System on their facebook page. It’s not all natural but it doesn’t have as many harsh ingredients as some of the other hair color lines out.

Color: Bright Auburn, Sold @Target, Price: $14.99

As I write this, I’ve decided to go ahead and color my hair at the end of March after my All Natural Challenge is over but I know that I will be going back and forth with this decision until then. When I use to get my hair colored I would get highlights. I can’t tell you when was the last time I highlighted my hair but I do know it was sometime before 2010. Lol The reason I am tittering with this decision is that I’m scared that my hair will break off and cause an avoidable setback with it being relaxed and color treated. It’s a double whammy on my hair. But I am taking so much better care of my hair this time around. Before, I was using a lot of heat, relaxing every 4 weeks, not deep conditioning, no moisturizing and sealing, etc. Fast forward to now I am using quality products, I deep condition 2 times a week, and I m&s on a regular basis, I’ve completely stopped using heat, I only air dry, and stretch my relaxers up to 18 weeks. I feel like I can handle my hair being both relaxed and color treated.

I am going to have my hair colored professionally. My cousin, who is also my stylist, will be doing it for me. My mom had an appointment with her yesterday (the 23rd). I decided to tag along because I wanted to talk to my cousin about going ahead and coloring my hair. Of course, she wasn't too thrilled with me buying the brand and color that I wanted to use and kinda turned her nose up at the fact that it has organic ingredients in it. She also said that box colors don't have some of the same things in it that the color that stylists use have but she said she'll use it. I'm praying that everything turns out alright. 

The color pictured above is what I want to use but I don't want it to be that bright. I want my hair to have a nice tint to it like the young lady's hair in this video.

Here are the ingredients:

 Stay tuned for the results!

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