Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Couple of Add-Ons for my All Natural Challenge

I was reading a blog post by one of my fellow Hairlista and KISS members. She talked about how she was doing a challenge for herself called the Hair Insanity Challenge. I will include a couple those things into my regimen. My regimen will be as follows.

1x a week Shampoo - Fridays
1x a week co-rinse - Tuesdays
DC after each wash
Protective Style - Bun everyday
Moisturize and seal every other day
Air dry only
Drink 3-4 bottles of water daily
Drink 2 cups of carrot juice a day (morning and night)
Eating more fruits and veggies
Exercise 3-4 days a week.

The only thing that is different about my take on her challenge is that I plan to mostly bun while she will try to bun twice a week and do braid outs. Being consistent with the last 4 things will be the hardest but I will try my best to stick with it. I'm hoping that the health of my hair will improve with the inclusion of these steps and the use of mostly natural products.

The carrot juice is the biggest inclusion for me. I'm not a fan of carrots. The benefits of drinking 100% Carrot juice is great not just for your hair but for your skin and eyes. I have been drinking the Bolthouse Farm Brands. Right now I am working on finishing a couple of bottles of the 100% Carrot Juice then I will move on to the Organic 100% Carrot Juice. (pictured below)

The following quote is from the young ladies blog post on Hairlista and also on KISS. I thought it was great and needed to be included.

"That regimen I listed above addresses two of the most important parts of healthy hair care and growth: retention by low manipulation and growth by dietary inclusion. Retention happens from the outside, growth happens from the inside."

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