Monday, May 6, 2013

New Read

I have been interested in reading some hair care books lately. The first I read was Ms. Kibibi's book, The 5 Hair Archetypes. Her book was very informative and very detailed. She broke down what the 5 Archetypes or hair personalities are. Here is the description: The book has COLOR photos, flow charts, QR codes to video tutorials, text boxes and much more! In The 5 Hair Archetypes, Sharifa Barnett details the innovative model for understanding your hair based on your current routine. The hair archetypes, or hair personalities, categorize women based on their hair habits, and share anecdotal stories of real women and Sharifa's own experience as that archetype. You can take The 5 Hair Archetypes Quiz to identify your current archetype. Sharifa dispels the most common hair myths and challenges you to reconsider your explanations for not having the hair of your dreams. This book also provides practical information for building a regimen that will yield results in 21 days, including: - Suggested regimen for each archetype, - Discussion on common hair problems and simple solutions, - A guide on properly using extensions to retain length, and much more! The 5 Hair Archetypes takes a comprehensive, systematic approach to hair care that will teach you how to achieve your hair goals.

Next up on the list is the "10 Easy Steps to Go Natural Without Cutting Your Hair Off" by Nik aka Long Hair Don't Care on You Tube. Since I want to stretch for as long as I can and even go natural eventually, I think that this book could probably help with that. I'm calling it a long stretch because calling it a transition sounds so official. lol Also, I don't want to call it a transition because if I feel like the condition of my hair is going downhill I would go ahead start back texlaxing because big chopping out of the question. I will be checking this out to see if there are any useful tips.


  1. Please do blog posts on any helpful tips you find in Nik's book. It would definitely be helpful! I have been going back and forth about getting either Ms. Kibibi's book or The Science of Black Hair. Which do you think is better?

  2. I can definitely do a post on the Nik's book! I can't say which one I think is better between the SOBH and Ms. Kibibi's book because I haven't read the SOBH but it is on my list. Ms. Kibibi's book focuses more on regimen building and starting your hair journey. It touches on hair myths and different ways to retain length and a few other subjects. Her book is definitely a good refresher for those who have been on their hair journey for awhile and for those who want to start their hair journey. I think the SOBH goes into more detail about healthy hair.

    1. I keep leaning more toward the SOBH but Ms. K's book seems like a good read too. Can't wait for your posts on these books!