Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another Wash Day

While browsing Instagram, I kept seeing a lot of pictures from E'tae's hair page and that gave me the urge to want to do a Carmel Treatment. So on Saturday, I did one. Honestly, I really just wanted to wash my hair again for some reason. Lol  That gave me an excuse.

{1} I applied the E'tae Carmel Treatment on damp hair and left it on for 6 to 7 hours with my conditioning bonnet on.
{2} Rinsed the Carmel from hair with warm water. It rinses away very easily. My hair was very soft after rinsing.
{3} Shampooed with Shi~Naturals Lemonade Shampoo. As usual my hair was very clean but not dried out using this shampoo.
{4} Conditioned with Hairitage Hydration Chocolate Covered Curls conditioners. I am still not a big fan of this conditioner. It took a lot of it to soften my hair. My hair only felt soft after tshirt drying for a bit. I never really have that issue with the other conditioners from this product line.
{5} Applied the Lemongrass Leave-in and detangled my hair. Sealed with the Intensive Hydration Complex. Added the Kurl Pop and twisted my hair. As I am typing this out my hair is still twisted until I decide to take them down and put my hair in a bun.

• Lost less hair when detanging
• Used up the Chocolate Covered Curls Conditoner (I won't repurchase this)
• The softness that the E'tae Carmel Treatment gave my hair. It's messy but effective.

I won't be washing my hair again until Saturday.  Two wash days in one week was just a treat I guess. Lol


  1. I need to Google the caramel hair treatment. Sounds lovely! I adore soft hair. Yay for losing less hair when detangling. Thats worth celebrating.

    1. Check out @etaehair on Instagram. You will get some good information on it from there and also the website.

  2. Did you hear that Hairatage Hydration was closing shop? I know how much you like her products, so just wanted to shoot you a message to stock up if you haven't already.