Monday, November 3, 2014

Random Beauty Faves

I haven't done an official favorites post before. I decided to give it a try since I am on a quest to better my blog. I want to have other content on here besides my wash days because they don't really change. I don't experiment with hair styles so I know the posts can be very much redundant. So I decided to try my hand at showing some of my favorite products. I don't wear makeup. Hell I don't even own a piece of make-up so you want see that here. lol Although, I am thinking of at least trying out some basic makeup items but we'll see. So here it goes.

EOS Lip Balms:
I am in love with these things and cannot go a day without having them. I have tried other types of chap sticks from Burts Bees to other natural brands but I always come back to this one. I own several. My newest fave from the line is the one the left. It's new to their line and it's called Coconut Milk. The moisture these give you comes as quick as when you apply it. It goes on so smooth. If you haven't already, give them a try. They can be found just about anywhere: Walmart, Target, Walgreens. Costco (they have a 5 pack available), etc

Rafiki Facial Lotion, Body Lotion, and Body Butter
I found out about this product line a couple of years ago while at the Black Women's Expo. It is a small black owned business, I decided to try them out and I'm glad I did. I seem to have try skin as of late and these give me the boost of moisture I need to combat that. Take a look at the pump bottle sitting on top of the container. I have had that since I bought it at this years expo back in March/April. That is the Facial Lotion. A little goes a long way with it. I use about one and a half pumps. I absolutely love the choice they made to put in this type of bottle. Very convenient. The bottle standing alone is the Body Lotion. I mainly use it as my hand lotion. Now I have been using it as it is intended because I am waiting for my order to come in since I am out of the body butter. It gets the job done. The consistency of it is thinner than the Body Butter. Now the Body Butter is what I use the most. I love how thick it is and how it moisturizes my try skin especially my legs which seem to get ashy the quickest lol. These products do run on the pricey side. The down side is that when you run out you can only purchase them online from their website. The only thing that I have repurchased the most is the Body Butter because I use it daily on my whole body. They also have hair products and a lip balm. The lip balm is really good too. I got my bestie hooked on it. lol

Canada's Online Black Beauty Supply Store| Free Shipping In Canada On ...
I love this soap. It cleanses like no other. I love the squeaky clean feeling it gives when I use it. I was using a body wash that I got from Sephora and it always made me feel like I had film left on my body. I didn't feel completely clean after using it.The only down side to this soap is that it makes your wash clothes look like you were super dirty especially when you are using a light colored towel. So beware. lol

These are just a few of my favorite random beauty things. What are your's? I would like to try some new things out.


  1. Omgosh! I LOVE Esos lip balms! I have one in all of my winter coats! Great minds think alike! Now I'm off to find that stripped Coconut milk one!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I found the Coconut Milk one at Walgreens. I wasn't ecen looking for it because I already have 2 EOS Lipbalms in rotation. I was on my way out of Walgreens when I saw it. The packaging is what caught my eye. Lol