Thursday, August 1, 2013

End of the Year Hair Plans: Full BSL Bound

This is the most recent pic of my hair.  

I can't believe that we are now 8 months into the year. Before you know it we'll be celebrating the holidays again. lol With that being said it is time for me to get back into my serious mode with my hair journey. I have a goal that I want to hit by the end of the year and it's time to set some goals to try and make it there. Besides wanting to continue my quest for healthier hair, I want to be full BSL by the end of the year. They are very simple and to the point.

1. Continue to deep condition my hair twice a week alternating between a protein dc and moisture based dc. Using my steamer for at least one of those dc sessions.
2. No heat. I am in no way anti-heat, as you all know, but I have retained a good amount of length when I limit my heat usage. I have used heat at least 3 times this summer but I'm ready to give it a rest especially since these bone straight ends irks me to my core. lol
3. Protective style 7 days a week. I will still be bunning my hair. I am toying with the idea of getting some type of braided up-do but I don't what I want to get just yet. So until then buns/ponytails are my go to styles.
4. Moisturize and seal every other day. I pretty much been half-assing with this one. I will be taking my time and doing this in sections. 

This is pretty much my game plan starting August 5 through December 28 . I am keeping it simple. Full BSL here I come. On December 28th I am planning to get my hair straightened so that I can see if I reached my goal. I am a firm believer of health over length but I would love to be full bsl. It has always been one my ultimate goals. I have been so skeptical of me making it to MBL but there are so many MBL and beyond ladies (Age in ATL, Jeni, Prettywitty77, Traycee just to name a few), that I am motivated to try to make it there. I'm not rushing it. I'll make it there eventually. 

What has been some of the techniques you have used to reach you length goals? 


  1. Good luck with your goals Candace!

  2. Great post and you WILL reach full BSL by the end of the year, you are almost there now! Your hair and ends look great and I think you have a great plan.

    I will be 10 months post tomorrow (dang!) and my main goal is to minimize breakage as much as possible and keep my hair moisturized. I do this with protective styling, moisturizing with distilled water and constant DCing. I also haven't used heat since February. Like you, I plan to straighten my hair at the end of the year to see where I am length wise, see how my ends are holding up and do a min-chop.

  3. Thanks girl! Wow 10 months post! I thought I was doing something with my 27 weeks post. lol Breakage is another thing that I need to work on too.

    1. 27 weeks IS good!! Sooooooooo, have you made a decision on how long you will stretch or if you will even relax again??! Inquiring minds want to know!!

    2. I have never gone this long without a relaxer not having sew-in in. I'm still on the fence, girl! I know that I want to try to go a year and see how things go without relaxing. If things go ok then I might decide to go the full 2 years or 2 and half then cut the relaxed ends off.