Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Week, Another Wash Day: Playing in Products

Now that I am caught up on my wash day posts, let's talk about today's wash day.

Products used:
Cleanser: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner
Conditioner: HH Sticky Honey Hash
Deep Conditioners: 
  • Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting  Condish Treatment
  • Entwine Couture Exotica Moisture Masque
  • Monie 2 Honey Coconut Milk Hair Treatment
  • Leave-in/Finisher: Soultanicles Knot Sauce and As I Am Smoothing Gel

I decided to use Carol's Daughter Cleansing Conditioner because since I didn't use too much product this week I didn't need a deep cleanse. I also wanted to see if it would help relieve my itchy scalp in some way. I used three different deep conditioners. Yes, I know I was doing way too much but what the hell. I use quality products. They aren't going to jack my hair up. I started out using Monie 2 Honey Coconut Milk Hair Treatment. I didn't feel like it was penetrating my hair good enough. In hindsight, I was comparing it to the Amino Protein Plus conditioner. I have been spoiled by how well that conditioner has been treating my hair. lol So the top right side of my hair was conditioned with the Honey Coconut Milk Hair Treatment. Then I decided to use the Moisture Boosting Conditioner in the back section. Just like the Amino Protein Plus DC it detangled like a dream. Then I said to myself why not go for another one. I pulled the Exotica Moisture Masque since it's been a minute since I used it and slathered it onto the front left side. After applying each section with conditioner, I twisted my hair and pinned it up. Then proceeded to sit under the steamer for about 20 minutes.

I detangled while I was applying the deep conditioners. The bigger ball of hair in the pic is the hair that was removed when I detangled. The loose hair was removed when I combed the Soultanicles Knot Sauce Leave-in through my hair. I never loose a lot of hair during my detangling sessions but this time I lost less hair. Score 1 for me. lol Now the story of the little knotted hair is I had to cut that off due to my own carelessness. When I twist my hair I sometimes get uneven sections. When a half is longer than another as I near the end I take some from that longer half and continue twisting. Instead of starting from the bottom of the twist to unravel, I untwisted from the middle causing it too knot at the ends. smh There was no way I could detangle it so I grabbed the scissors and cut it. I don't have cutting shears but I had to make to do with what I had. I know that that little section is slightly shorter but hopefully not much shorter. Either way it will be remedied when I get my hair down in a couple of weeks. My will have to trimmed once my hair is colored.  

I am loving the Knot Sauce so far. It has been the only leave-in detangler I have been using lately. When rinsing the deep conditioner out I keep my hair in the twists. It makes rinsing easier. Then I t-shirt dry for a few minutes then apply my leave-in to each section and re-twist. I pulled the twists back into ponytail to give me more stretch at the roots, applied As I Am Smoothing Gel to my edges and tied them down. I will let my hair air dry overnight. Usually my roots aren't completely dry the next day and that's ok. That makes for a smoother bun look.

Speaking of my bang area laying down better when I wear my buns. Remember a while back when I was talking about how it was difficult for me to achieve that? Now that my natural hair has grown out more it makes my hair life simpler. Mainly because I can stretch my hair more. I was faithfully wearing headbands to cover that unsightly bump. I can say with joy that the headbands have been officially retired, No more covering up for me. That is an accomplishment in my book because I was tired of those damn headbands. lol

I gonna stop rambling now. lol How was your latest wash day?

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  1. I did the EXACT same thing when I went to untwist my hair. Started from the middle and pulled down (like I always do) and it go stuck. I had to cut it out because there was no way I would have worked that knot out. You are so right about slicking the hair down. It is so easy now.