Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 1 Fitness Update

Week 1 of this fitness is winding down. I must say that I kicked ass. Lol Monday and Tuesday I woke up at 5 in the morning and worked out. Then turned around and got in a second round of working out in the evening. Wednesday I did the Levels (squats) chapter of the Black Girls Workout 2 dvd. Thursday, I did light cardio in the morning then did my favorite Jillian Michaels' dvd, Ripped in 30. Friday morning I did the Levels Chapter again and Friday evening I did the entire BGWO2 dvd. I have really been pushing myself this week. In true fashion, there have been days that I wanted to say forget it and not workout at all but I did it anyway. So far in my workout jar I have $6.
Let's move on to food. I haven't had any sweets at all this week. I've been bringing my own lunch to work everyday. That, my friends, is a feat in itself because I buy my lunch everyday. Which is one of many reasons I am lugging around excess weight. Some of the food that I have been eating are spinach, sautéed shrimp and mushrooms, oranges, and chilli. I have had three Shakeology shakes this week. I got my new Vegan Chocolate Shakeology yesterday. I started drinking the Fit Tea but only had one cup and didn't finish it because I fell asleep. I have been very good about eating breakfast as well. I am an habitual breakfast skipper. I either eat 2 eggs or have a shake to get my protein in. I have been obsessing over the Greek Yogurt w/ raspberry and lemon from Starbucks. That has been a great snack throughout the week for me. Saturdays are my days to treat myself. My goal is not overdo it. I will not undo whatever progress I might have made by binging on cookies and ice cream. Today is also a rest day. Tomorrow, I'm back at it.

In my last post I talked about rewarding myself after 6 months of consistently working out. I think I found what I want to get myself.

This is the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless HeartRate and Activity Wristband. I have been using a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch. It works fine but I cannot stand the chest strap. I want something that is wireless. The more I read about this one, the more I want one. I have a feeling that I will probably get it before then but I will try to hold out until July.

How did you do this week?

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