Saturday, January 17, 2015

Week 2 Fitness Recap

This week I fit into the stereotype of not wanting to workout because of my hair. Shame on me. But I did workout this week. Not as much as last week but I got a few workouts in. Monday and Tuesday I used the Black Girl Workout 2 DVD and also Ripped in 30. Wednesday night I did the Gym Grown, No Silicon Level from BGW2 before I proceeded to prep my hair for my color appointment. Thursday during some done time at work I did some of the exercises from BGW2. I didn't do any intense workouts because I didn't want to go to the salon with smelly sweat dried hair. But I will be resuming my work outs next week. I am not giving up and stopping this fitness train in the least.

My food intake was ok. I'm still getting up and making myself some breakfast. I did indulge in some not so healthy food a couple of days a week. Mainly the chips and salsa from a new Mexican restaurant around the corner from my job. I did have some sweets but I can proudly say that I did not overdo it. That is an accomplishment. I can eat an entire pack of Oreos by my damn self. SMH To the left is the bottle that I use to keep up with my water intake at work. I had a regular cup that I would refill many times throughout the day. This bottle keeps me from running to the kitchen so much. This is the second bottle I've bought because I can't find the top to the other one I have. I drink one of these a day while at work and drink an additional 2 or 3 bottles at home. Sunday I am back to eating better.

I said last week that I wasn't going to buy another scale but after looking into the Fitbit Aria. I changed my mind because this scale does more than just tell you your weight. It measures you BMI and Body Fat as well. I love that you can keep track of everything with the app on your phone. I will be taking a trip to Target getting one. On to week 3.

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