Saturday, January 17, 2015

Color Recap.

Yesterday evening I made it to the salon a little early and my stylist Shawanna was able to take me right away. We went straight to her chair and she got started. First she sectioned my hair into four sections. The back half of my hair was one section and three in the front. I got partial highlights. Which basically means only the top half of my hair was colored. They use the Pravana hair care and color products. After she parted my hair, she went to mix the color. She came back and got started. The technique she used was very interesting. From going to my cousin for years, I was use to the old school coloring cap where they pull your hair through the holes. I was never a fan of that because I always leery of possible breakage. Now that I have way more natural hair on my head that color cap will never touch my head again.

I'm going to try to explain the technique she used. I hope I can explain it clearly. So please bare with me. Starting with the section on right, she would make smaller sections. Then she takes that section and did this weaving technique through it with the tail end of the comb. That is how she chooses the pieces she colored. Once she had the section she was going to color she would grab the foil and wrap the tail end of the comb with the end of the foil. That makes it easier to place the foil under the section that is getting the color. She did this for all three sections. When the color application was done, she let it sit for 30 minutes before heading to the bowl to wash it out. After the coloring step was complete she shampooed, lightly detangled and conditioned my hair. Unfortunately, getting under the steamer was not an option. Doing that would not allow the color to set. So under the dryer I went for about 10 minutes.

Sitting for 30 min after she finished
Under the dryer and missing the steamer

On to the styling. She did the usual blow dry, flat iron, and trim. I was excited about that trim. I am not a fan of split ends. She did the standard trim throughout my entire head. She styled it how I wanted it, straight with a light bump on the ends.


I am loving my hair. I got the subtle change I wanted. She didn't use bleach. Which I am alright with. My relaxed ends probably wouldn't be able to handle bleach and would probably cause me to get my hair cut sooner than I want. The no bleach thing will probably make the upkeep easier. The only downside is since natural color is on the dark side it makes it harder for color to lift w/o the use of bleach. Although I do love it, I think I want to go brighter sometime over the Summer. With that said I am seriously considering cutting the remaining relaxed ends around my birthday in August and retouching the color. That would take me just barely over the two year mark. Also, the color will also make it easier to track to my progress with the Manetabolism vitamins.  

That's it ladies!


  1. Gorgeous color and your hair looks very healthy!

  2. Girl, your hair is BLINGING!!! I LOVE the color!! LOVE! I swear they hook your hair up! Your hair is looking very healthy, you are doing very well with your transition.

    1. Thank you sis! I am really loving this salon. I am really surprised at how well this transition is going.