Sunday, January 4, 2015

Time To Get My Life Together... Let's Get Fit

I know you have heard it before but has to be done. I have been failing miserable at this weight loss journey for awhile now. I need to get it together. Not just because I want to look better and feel better but I need to lower my cholesterol. A recent to trip to the doctor revealed that I have high cholesterol. At 31, I don't need to have high cholesterol. In fact, no one at any age should. I'm getting older I want do my best to prevent as many health concerns as I can. 

For the first month I am taking a different approach. My goal is all about consistency and staying focused. Weight loss and fitness journeys are 99% mental for me. Which is why I want to just focus on consistency and not pounds lost. If I don't meet a number goal on that scale, I will become discouraged and quit yet again. My scale is not working and I do not plan on replacing it for awhile so that I am not constantly weighing myself. 

I know some of you recognize this picture. Back in March I was going to complete Lana and Ellen's 21 day challenge but I didn't work out once that month. I am going to try it again. They are hosting a new 21 Day Challenge that I WILL be completing come hell or high water. lol They want you to workout everyday for 21 days straight to form the habit of working out. I will start out 3 to 4 days a week but if I am motivated enough to do 21 days straight, that's a bonus. 

Here are some things that I will be doing to help aide in this journey this month.

1. Drinking nothing but water. 
2. Cutting out sweets. I am a sucker for sweets. I always feel like I have to have some sort cookie or candy everyday. So cutting that out should help aide in weight loss.
3. Eating more fruits and veggies
4. Take my lunch to work everyday with healthier options. I buy my lunch everyday and it's always some sort of fast food. Time to cut that out. I'll save money too. BONUS!!!
5. Only one cheat meal a week on Saturdays
6. Incorporating Fit Tea and Shakeology.
I started drinking Shakeology last year. I really liked it but fell off and let the bag that I had expire. I repurchased it. This time, instead of getting the regular chocolate flavor I bought the Chocolate Vegan in the 30 day supply. I will drink one Shakeology shake in the mornings.
The Fit Tea has been floating on social media for awhile I decided to give it a shot. I will drink the tea after my evening workouts. Since the tea is loose and not in the bag I purchased a tea strainer and I am waiting on that to be delivered.

This a neat little incentive that I saw on Instagram. Starting a work out jar. I will be starting this. I will put $1 in the jar for every work out I complete. After about 6 months I will see how much I have and buy myself something nice and repeat the process until the end of the year. My first workout is 5 am in the morning! Pray for me ya'll. lol

If anyone else is on a fitness/weight loss journey and wants to join me this month feel free to comment below. We can help motivate each other to get through the month together. After every workout you do you can comment on this post. If you need motivation comment on this post. I would love to have some accountability partners. You don't have to do this particular workout. It can be whatever workout of your choice.


  1. Girl, after I have this baby in May, I will be joining you! I like the idea of a workout jar.

    1. I have to start sticking IOU papers in there. I don't have anymore singles. lol

  2. I LOVE the idea of a work out jar! I too will be incorporating this in my fitness regimen. Good luck to you Candace!