Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another No Heat Challenge

I am currently 11 weeks into a 22 week stretch. Since I texlaxed back in January, I have only used heat once and that's when I had my hair highlighted almost 3 weeks ago. So now I am going to do another "No Heat Challenge". Basically between now and June 29th, I will not use direct heat on my hair. No flat irons or blow dryers for the next 11 weeks. It won't be hard because I don't use heat on my hair anyway but I do get the urge every once in awhile to straighten my hair. I am by no means anti-heat. I believe that, when used sparingly, heat usage is just fine. I want to see how the health of my hair improves and also how much length I can retain. I am on mission to see reach BSL this year. So limiting my heat usage and also keeping up with my deep conditioning sessions. I don't doubt that I will see BSL this year.

Here is my starting pic. I don't expect to see a dramatic difference but we'll see after the challenge is over.


  1. Buena suerte on your no heat challenge!


    I'll join you for the last leg of the challenge in May!