Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini Color Update

It has been almost a month since I had my hair highlighted. I am still loving it. All of those worries that I had before about breakage and having a setback because of the color are no longer around. My hair has been thriving. I have been keeping it moisturized by stepping up my m&s and sticking to deep conditioning twice a week. I also incorporate some protein into my regimen as well. The Mocha Silk Infusion (mild protein conditioner) from Silk Dreams is a fav and so is the Protein Balance Leave-In from Shi-Naturals. I can definitely say that I will be highlighting again in August if I can find another box of the color. My only complaint is that Shea Moisture's distribution sucks. They need better communication with the Target about keeping their products on the shelves. Anyway, I would love to post an updated pic of my hair but a picture of my bun/ponytail would be a bit anticlimactic. lol I am really happy to report that my hair is thriving and that with a lot of TLC you can have color treated and relaxed hair, if you so choose.


  1. Girl, I still can't find that hair color. I have looked all over Atlanta!! I am hoping that they will have some at the hair show next weekend. Glad to hear that your hair is still thriving after coloring it (I knew it would!).

    1. Thanks girl! I hope they do have some at the hair show. I was disappointed that they weren't at the Black Women's Expo. There were there at the last one. It is really frustrating finding that color. I don't understand why it is so hard to keep their products stocked.