Friday, March 8, 2013

Cocoa and Rhassoul Clay Bar Initial Reaction

A few posts ago, I introduced you all the Beam Products by Laquita. I bought the Cocoa and Rhassoul Clay Bar. Here is my review for using it on my face and hair.

I've been using it on my face twice a week since I got in the mail. I cut into smaller chunks in order to preserve it. Let me tell you, this bar is wonderful. My face feels really clean and soft after using it. One of the benefits of rhassoul clay is that it gets rid of dead skin. I'm usually having to exfoliate my face twice a week. A few days afterwards I can feel how crummy my face is. But by the looks of it once a week will be enough for me now. I can't wait to see how my face improves over time from using this. I have been using Shea Moisture's Black Soap bar on my face and all though it does leave my face feeling  very clean, the Cocoa and Rhassoul bar has it BEAT. It's the only thing that I will touch my face again.

I have been wanting to find a replacement clarifying shampoo. I was liking and only using the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo until the last time I used it in January. My new growth wasn't feeling it very much. As soon I started shampooing, I felt my new growth start to tangle. I decided then that this wasn't going to work for me anymore. So I have been in the market for a new clarifyier but haven't been actively looking. After ordering the clay bar, the owner let me know to use it once or twice a month as a clarifying shampoo. I used it yesterday to clarify my hair for the first time over a month. OMG I AM IN LOVE. lol My hair was extremely clean but not stripped. I felt my roots (which is mostly texlaxed hair) soften up and it didn't tangle at all. Even though I've only used it once I am officially saying that I will be using this to clarify my hair from here on out. I might even use it twice a month. That's how good this bar is. My hair has never felt so soft after clarifying my hair. I had some serious hand-in-hair syndrome going on. lol 

I definitely recommend this product. It's multi-purposed and works absolutely fabulously.


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    1. You did?! Let me know if you like it or not. I think I will like it though.